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Do you believe in luck?

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Preview Staff
Preview Staff
February 28, 2019

John: I think that when something good happens to me, I tend to attribute it to good luck, but when I'm not having good luck, I just don't believe in it at all.

Wayne: I believe in being blessed instead of calling it luck.

Cory: I do believe in luck, but I'm still waiting for that lucky lottery jackpot.

Gene: Personally, I think you create some of your own good luck through personal preparation and effort. But I'd rather have five minutes of God's favor in my life than a lifetime of hard work. That's where the best good luck originates. I genuinely do believe in fate, and destiny, to a certain extent. But I still feel that we are largely responsible to create our own future by the daily choices that we make.

Mark: I've always been curious why people say it's "lucky" if a basketball player makes a shot while falling out of bounds, or a golfer puts the ball in the cup from a sand trap 20 yards away. Isn't that skill? Doesn't that basketball player know where he is on the court and what it would take to make that shot? And that golfer has hit a million golf balls in his life. Why is it luck? Larry Bird once made a shot over the backboard while completely out of bounds. There was no luck at all involved in that shot. Now, at times, hockey can be a different story all together. If a player puts the puck in the net after it bounces off the wall and ricochets off three players, that's luck.

Danny: The more I practice, the luckier I get.

Matt: You make your own luck by making good decisions.

Faith: I personally don’t believe there is such a thing as luck. Good things happen, and bad things happen in life. It’s my personal belief that with a positive attitude and a whole lotta Jesus, a person can overcome the bad and come out stronger and wiser than before.

Dino: We reap today what we sowed yesterday. So no, I don't believe in luck.

Lenora: Yes, of course. Everybody is lucky at some point. Right place, right time.

Teresa: I think luck and  coincidence are two sides  of the same coin; neither one is real. They are both a matter of outside influences  all coming together at the right time to  make it look as if something  extraordinary happened.

Jacque: I do believe that luck is something that comes into your life, and it's a beautiful thing. It's very forgiving and awesome. Sometimes it means you did something good.

Michael: No. I do believe in close calls and fortunate turns of events.

Jessica: I don’t believe in luck. I believe in God’s sovereignty and intelligent design. I also believe life is an accumulation of our choices whether you are aware of it or not. Life doesn’t happen by accident.

Rachel: I do believe in luck, but in the destiny sort of way. Things will happen as they should, and sometimes luck is in my favor.

Martina: I do not necessarily believe in luck. I believe that when your mindset and skills are in alignment and you are prepared to meet opportunity, then that is what I call showing up at the right time.

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