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Do people complain too much?

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Preview Staff
Preview Staff
April 30, 2017

Sasha: I am most struck by complaints that pass off as innocent chatter — the ones that creep into our days almost unnoticed. For example, when someone asks, “How are you?” And they reply, “I’m so busy.” That's a complaint, not a badge of honor. If I frame my day in a positive manner— How are you? Great. I’m working on my latest book and it’s teaching me so much about botany — it helps me feel positive, which helps me achieve positive things, which makes me complain less. It also makes for better small talk.

Donna: I think everyone is just so quick to be outraged over any little thing, so sometimes yes. At the same time, I think we're just now at a point where people feel comfortable saying something bothers them; something that 20 years ago, they might have ignored.

Garret: The advancement of technology has increased instant gratification immensely. Because of this, people are complaining about small things way more.

Zoe: Yes, I think people complain too much. There are many people who are ungrateful for what they have.

Michelle: Yes they do. Change your thoughts, change your life. We end up perceiving what we think about. It creates a lens that affects our view. When our thoughts are focused on complaining, we fail to perceive the brighter side of a situation, and there always is one. We only have to look for it.

Lois: It’s more annoying to hear the things they complain about. Things that really don't matter and they won't remember a week later. I just want to tell them (and myself, on occasion) to get some perspective.

Dana T.: You want me to complain about people complaining? I'm not falling for that. LOL!

Ron: The only reason people complain is that they're missing something in their lives. The search for completeness leads inevitably to something to complain about. It's called life.

Kristin: I believe so. People in our country take far too much for granted.

Dana R.: People complain too much, instead of being constructive.

James: People complain too much about Oklahoma weather when they know it’s going to change anyway.

Shaun: I think it depends on the person. Some people complain too much, but I find those are the people who want others around them to take care of them, instead of taking care of and doing for themselves.

Kelsey: Sometimes people complain to their friends and family without realizing how much they do it. It's draining to be around someone who is always complaining about their life and the problems they encounter. 

Stacy: I think most are so self-centered that if they speak about another, it is not in a kind light. I hear more about what's wrong from women about women than praiseworthy admiration.