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Discover Your Hoppy Place

With plenty of breweries in Green Country, where’s a beer-lover to start? How about with a brewery crawl.

Rob Harmon
Rob Harmon
February 28, 2020

As long as there has been beer to drink, visiting local watering holes to spend a couple of hours unwinding, having fun, and enjoying a couple cold ones has been a favorite pastime. These days, there’s something even more interesting about experiencing a glass or two of your favorite craft beer, right where it was made. And you can also take that experience up a notch (or three) by planning a brewery crawl, gathering some friends, and enjoying visits to multiple local breweries over a few hours.

During the last few decades, thousands of small, unique breweries have popped up all over large cities and small towns nationwide, each one with their take on various styles of craft beer and their taproom atmosphere. Green Country breweries are filled with some of the nicest brewery and taproom staff and, of course, some of the most interesting and flavorful beers the nation has to offer.

It’s hard not to want to visit them all. And while you can’t visit every single taproom of the fantastic breweries in Tulsa in one sitting (well, at least you probably shouldn’t), you can make plans to visit more than one in an afternoon or evening, with a little planning.

The guidelines for a brewery crawl are similar to the run-of-the-mill pub crawl, but because you’re visiting the taprooms of breweries where the beer is made, there are some unique things to consider. To keep things fun, safe, and informative, check out these tips for making your time memorable.

Prepare yourself
As the old saying goes, fail to plan, and you plan to fail. Being prepared for a successful brewery crawl means thinking as much through as possible.

Know which breweries you plan to hit and at least have a vague order of how you’re going to hit them. That way, if things start to unravel along the way, everybody in your group will at least have a general idea of where to go to try to get things back on track.

Don’t go to a brewery crawl on an empty stomach. One nice thing to do at the beginning of a beer crawl is to have a light brunch before visiting your first brewery. Find a cool restaurant near your first stop to have breakfast or lunch. Go over the details while enjoying some food.

Leave your car keys at home
This is not the time to drive. Who will be the designated driver? If someone is willing to take one for the team and not drink, then let that person do the driving the whole evening. Many places offer free nonalcoholic drinks to designated drivers. Just ask the staff.

If everyone wants to drink, then plan to share the cost of an Uber from one location to the next. Safety for yourself and those around you is of the utmost importance. Do not wait until the brewery crawl has already started to choose a driver. Figure it out ahead of time.

Get others involved
A great beer tour is often its own reward, of course, but you can add some extra excitement to the mix by making it into an event, adding a theme, or otherwise spicing things up. Ask friends or family to sponsor your trip and donate the proceeds to a local charity. The beer just tastes better when you know you’re drinking for a good cause.

Pace yourself
If you’re visiting multiple breweries, don’t get several flights (five-ounce samples) to try everything at your first brewery. This is more of a marathon than a sprint. Maybe just try one flight and share it with someone, or perhaps even only one beer.

Embrace social media
Hashtags are like sober friends you can lean on throughout the day. They’ll help track your progress for folks who want to join, but more importantly, they’ll collect all your favorite moments in one place so you can remember them later.

Drink with people you know and trust
A brewery crawl is not just about drinking at as many breweries as possible. It’s also about having a great time. If you know someone won’t be able to hit four or five breweries without being a pain to hang around, try some other activity with that friend. Don’t do a beer crawl with people who are going to make trouble for you and the other people in the breweries. Brewery crawls are best done with people who have each others back.

Drink lots of water
Drink plenty of water before, during, and after a brewery crawl. Water is always available at breweries. They’ll either provide a fountain you can use yourself, or they will fill up a cup from behind the counter. Broken Arrow Brewery Company even offers complimentary bottled water. Who cares if you have to visit the bathroom a few more times? It’s better to stay as hydrated and sober as possible so you can enjoy the beers in the next brewery. You’ll honestly have more fun if you’re not wasted after the first stop. As stated earlier, this is more of a marathon than a sprint.

Get a hotel room
In the Tulsa area, there are a few hotels close in proximity to breweries. The Nine Band Brewery is actually inside the Osage Casino Hotel. It’s nice to take a brief walk or ride to a hotel room from your last stop on a brewery crawl. It’s a way to reward yourself for being such a craft brew warrior. Give yourself an extra-special way to recoup the next morning by staying in a nice, clean, cushy hotel room like downtown’s Hotel Indigo. Meeting that following day again in the hotel restaurant or lobby to discuss the exploits from the previous day is also a fun way to memorialize the whole event.  

Check Out

American Solera
1801 S. 49th W. Ave. | Tulsa
108 E. 18th St. | Tulsa

Broken Arrow Brewing Company
333 W. Dallas St. | Broken Arrow

Cabin Boys Brewery
1717 E. 7th St. | Tulsa

Dead Armadillo Brewery
1004 E. 4th St. | Tulsa

Elgin Park Brewery
325 E. Reconciliation Way | Tulsa

Emersumnice Brewery
102 S. Main St. | Owasso

Fat Toad Brewing Company
3986 W. 530 | Pryor

Heirloom Rustic Ales
2113 E. Admiral Blvd. | Tulsa

Marshall Brewing Company
618 S. Wheeling Ave. | Tulsa

Muskogee Brewing Company
121 S. 2nd St. | Muskogee

New Era Fine Fermentations
321 S. Frankfort Ave. | Tulsa

Nine Band Brewing Company
951 W. 36th St. N. | Tulsa

Nothing’s Left Brewing Company
1502 E. 6th St. | Tulsa

Pearl Beach Brew Pub
418 S. Peoria Ave. | Tulsa

Pippin’s Taproom at High Gravity
6808 S. Memorial Dr., Ste. 144 | Tulsa

Prairie Brewpub
223 N. Main St. | Tulsa

Renaissance Brewing Company
1147 S. Lewis Ave. | Tulsa

Welltown Brewing
114 W. Archer St. | Tulsa