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Dazzle Your Date

Can’t decide what to wear on that first date? Think outside the usual staples with a look that is amazing, comfortable and maintains your personal style.

Ryann Gordon
February 1, 2017

The rules of date night dress are real, and they can be detrimental for a first date. With Valentine’s Day coming up, many people will be going out on first dates, second dates and even 50th dates. Some will be going to a nice dinner and movie while others will be bowling, racing go- karts, dancing, walking or laying out for a picnic in the park.

Prepare your V-Day ensemble strategically, based both on the type of date and status of your relationship. Leave the miniskirts and low-cut tops for girls’ night out and save your fancy, high heel pumps for more romantic dinner dates, and you’ll leave your night floating on clouds — and not because your man has to give you a piggy back when your feet start to hurt. Figure out your plans for date night and put together an outfit that keeps you feeling comfortable and fabulous all night long.

The first date is crucial in determining the future of a relationship. You don’t want to reveal too much, nor do you want to cover up so much that you could be mistaken for your date’s mom. You want to show just enough to up that curiosity and make them want to take you on another, or many other, dates.

For your first date, you might be going somewhere low-key like a dinner and movie. This is your date’s first impression of not only your fashion sense, but also how they feel when they are out with you. Dress to impress on your first date, but don’t overdo it. 
If you feel uncomfortable wearing an outfit in your own home, you’ll probably be messing with your clothes all night.

Break out that lacy cocktail dress you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to wear; throw on a long jacket and thigh-high boots to add a little suspense. Or opt for something more elegant like a maxi skirt that’s both pretty and sleek paired with an off-the-shoulder crop top that raises the heat a bit. Show him your fashion sense without blowing him out of the water — he may not be the fashionista you are.

The Classic Date
The dinner-and-a-movie-duo is a great opportunity for you to go all-out with a fancy dress and heels, because you’ll be sitting for the majority of the time. Just don’t wear something too uncomfortable for the movie, and remember that movie theaters tend to get cold, so don’t forget your jacket.

Whip out that flowy dress and slip on your most comfortable, heeled boots; throw a tight-fitting jacket on and pull your hair back loosely for a look that says pretty and sassy in one. Show off your legs in a structured leather skirt paired with a simple top and trench coat; pair with some above-the-ankle booties that wrap around your calf like a sock. Or swap the leather skirt for a thigh-slit maxi skirt, crop top and tailored jacket that screams city chic.

Skinny jeans are another option that can’t go wrong. They can be dressed up with
a cute top, strappy heels and a chunky belt. Swap the sleeves for a silk tank with a leather jacket — slick the hair back in a pony for a Matrix look that’ll have him trapped under your oracle spell.

‍Figure out your plans for date night and put together an outfit that keeps you feeling comfortable and fabulous all night long.

Date Night on the Dance Floor
Everyone loves a good dance party
 — and there’s no better way to understand whether you and another person are going to vibe together than to take it out on the dance floor. Whether you and your date plan to dance the night away at a concert or a club, prepare for nights when it may just be you two. 

You don’t want to end up at a concert trying to dance your heart out, only to be confined by a stiff leather jacket or skirt riding up. If you’ve got the moves like Jagger, show it off in clothes that are movable and comfortable.

Prepare for those Cain’s Ballroom date nights in either pants, a skirt or dress that moves willingly. Flowing skirts are great for dancing because they don’t stretch out or get in the way — just be sure to remember your Spanx underneath in case you get grooving a little too fast. Choose a pair of pants or jeans that don’t stretch out but do outline your body in a way that draws on your curves. Go with a top that is stylish but simple. And most importantly, choose shoes that are comfortable.

Extreme Dating
You may be doing something a bit more adventurous on your date night out. These are the dates you’re going to want to plan your outfit accordingly. Mini golf and high heels are no dynamic duo. Prepare for action-packed date nights in clothes that are flashy while also functional, comfortable and appropriate for the place you’re going to.

If you’ll be spending your night at any sort of go-kart racing/laser tag/arcade fusion, then a skirt or dress is probably going to be your least favorable option. Wear some destroyed jeans that you can move around in; or opt for leggings that you can drop down to the floor in if needed, and army crawl your way to a laser tag and overall date victory. Pair your high-waisted, black pleather leggings with a long-sleeved crop top and collared jacket; throw on some ankle boots and a baseball cap, and you’ll be looking sporty and chic without even having to try.

Take the sportswear trend to a new level on other fun dates like bowling and casual date nights like Riverside strolls and picnics in
the park. One trend to put into play is the tennis-shoe-dress-combo. Kick back in a 
pair of clean and comfy white Adidas with a below-the-knee, crew top dress; throw a fitted denim or leather jacket on top and rock this sporty fashion looking like you just hopped o a jet from Los Angeles.