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Culinary Cornucopia

For your guests this Thanksgiving, whip up this from-potpie-to-cookies menu, or mix and match recipes for any holiday party or event.

Tiffany Duncan
Chelsi Fisher
November 1, 2016

Thanksgiving is all about the four Fs — family, friends, fun and of course, food. Between the turkey, marshmallow sweet potatoes, casseroles, pies, stuffing and various other dishes that contribute to the spread at Thanksgiving, the average meal consists of a whopping 4,500 calories! (It’s a good thing calories don’t count on holidays, right? Insert “crying/ laughing” emoji here.)

But seriously. It’s the one day a year where we can unabashedly indulge in a mountain of food, celebrating each other over a good meal and laughter. This year, however, instead of all the usual dishes, why not serve up a couple unexpected comfort foods to make your table that much more warm and inviting? Try a few of these easy recipes to add a delicious twist to your Thanksgiving meal.

Parmesan Sweet Potatoes

Shake up the tradition of marshmallow sweet potatoes with these baked goodies lathered up with enough parmesan, spices and butter to have your friends and family shoving each other to get a second helping.

Parmesan Sweet Potatoes
Parmesan Sweet Potatoes (Photo: Chelsi Fisher

Chelsi’s Chicken Potpie

We can all agree that chicken potpie is the epitome of comfort food, and frankly it’s surprising that this dish isn’t found more often in Thanksgiving spreads. If you hate all the work and hassle it takes to prepare a turkey, just make a couple of these irresistible chicken pot pies for your centerpiece, substituting in ground turkey or deli-bought turkey for the chicken. Easy-PEASy (get it?).

Chelsi’s Chicken Potpie
Chelsi’s Chicken Potpie (Photo: Chelsi Fisher)