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Cooking Catharsis

Learning to make your own versions of hummus, chicken stock, and guacamole will allow you to bypass the prepared foods section and empower you to take on other dining and snacking staples.

Tiffany Duncan
Chelsi Fisher
February 28, 2018

The conveniences we have access to in our everyday lives is stunning — from apps that deliver our favorite food straight to the doorstep, or placing a mobile drink order to skip the line at Starbucks. But many people are too busy to even think about what we have started to give up at the throne of convenience — food being a major category here. Consuming quick and convenient food can take a toll on the body’s health, but more than that, it robs us of getting to experience what our own kitchens offer us.

From chopping and dicing to simmering and sautéing, cooking is catharsis; it’s like releasing a pressure valve in the brain. Not only that, but getting comfortable in the kitchen is also empowering, as you will become less and less intimidated by the cooking process over time.

There are three pantry or fridge items most people always keep on hand: hummus, chicken stock, and guacamole. Learning to make your own version of each of these three staples will allow you to bypass the prepared foods section and avoid any added preservatives and sodium. Mastering them will also give you confidence that will serve as a jumping-off point to getting more comfortable and creative in the kitchen.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Whether you’re dipping veggies or pita chips, this satisfying hummus makes a great snack for busy schedules.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus (Photo: Chelsi Fisher)
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus (Photo: Chelsi Fisher)


The public obsession with guacamole is so ubiquitous now that you can literally purchase screen-printed T-shirts and tote bags proclaiming one’s love for guac. Why not learn to make and customize your own recipe for a Mexican-themed dinner party, or simply for a healthy, hearty mid-afternoon snack?

Guacamole (Photo: Chelsi Fisher)
‍Guacamole (Photo: Chelsi Fisher)

Homemade Chicken Stock

One taste of this deep and rich stock, and you will never buy boxed, flavorless, high-sodium stuff again. Bonus: it makes your home smell like absolute heaven as it simmers.

Homemade Chicken Stock (Photo: Chelsi Fisher)
‍‍Homemade Chicken Stock (Photo: Chelsi Fisher)