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Citizen Canine

Many in the Tulsa area recognize meteorologist Caroline Brown. And just as many probably know her crazy-cute best accessory — the OU-football-jersey-wearing bordoodle, Stormy.

Lindsay Morris
Sarah Eliza Roberts
May 28, 2019

If you’ve watched KTUL Channel 8 on a Saturday night recently, you’ve likely had the pleasure of seeing meteorologist Caroline Brown end the broadcast with her equally adorable bordoodle (border collie/poodle mix), Stormy.

In case there weren’t enough cute millennials and dogs around Tulsa previously, Brown joined the mix in May 2018. Brown and Stormy are besties. When you have a dog as cute as Stormy, you have to take her everywhere.

Brown is a sixth-generation Texan and was born and raised in Houston. She moved to Oklahoma in 2014 when she began the meteorology program at the University of Oklahoma, which had always been her dream. The program is world-renown, thanks to the National Weather Center being on campus.

Brown’s lifelong dream has been to become a meteorologist, starting when she was 4 and growing as she attended meteorology summer camps throughout middle school and high school.

Brown brings Stormy to work on weekends, and the cute pup even works some events, like weather expos and the Christmas parade. (Photo: Sarah Eliza Roberts)
Brown brings Stormy to work on weekends, and the cute pup even works some events, like weather expos and the Christmas parade. (Photo: Sarah Eliza Roberts)

Growing up in Houston fueled her interest in weather. “I was infatuated with tropical storms in my early years as Hurricane Rita hit my hometown when I was 10, then Hurricane Ike hit when I was 13,” she says. “I was young enough to call it a ‘hurrication’ — I got to have two weeks off school, and I loved it.”

For Brown’s 14th birthday, she received an anemometer/rain gauge. “I was so happy, I cried!,” she says.

While a considerable dream of Brown’s has been to become a meteorologist, another big goal was to get a dog when she finished college. She grew up with border collies, but since she’s technically allergic to dogs, she knew she would need to get a hypoallergenic poodle mix.

In September 2017, she got on a waiting list with a ranch in Texas for a bordoodle and got to take Stormy home in March 2018. “In December, I was telling everyone I was dog pregnant because she was finally conceived, and I was so excited,” Brown says.

Stormy has become quite the local celebrity, both through her on-air appearances and her Instagram, @stormytheweatherdog. Brown brings Stormy to work on weekends, and the cute pup even works some events, like weather expos and the Christmas parade.

“She’s never met a stranger. She’s an incredibly smart dog,” Brown says.

Brown and Stormy go everywhere together — on runs down Riverside Drive, anywhere there’s a patio, and of course the dog park.

“She thrives at the dog park,” Brown says. “She has so many dog friends, it’s unreal.”

Brown says that if Stormy has a motto in life, it’s, “Life’s too short to not play in the mud.”

“We will go to the dog park, and every other dog will stay perfectly clean, and she will leave the dog park completely brown,” Brown says. “She’s living her best life. Part of me thinks she’s doing it so that I’ll give her a big massage rub down during bath time.”

Since Brown’s family is in Houston, Stormy has truly become Brown’s family, and she even calls her daughter. “She is my absolute pride and joy. She snuggles with me every night. She’s never been crate-trained, so she just kind of roams,” Brown says.

Brown is incredibly grateful to her family for the support they gave her in encouraging her to pursue her dreams.

“My parents were always 100 percent supportive and never questioned that I’d make it to my dreams, which is a huge reason why I’m even here,” says Brown, who is the youngest of four children. She and her siblings have all chosen to do different things. “Being from such a big family is one of the reasons why I’m so outgoing and love being outside. We would drive to our ranch in one car with six people and four dogs every weekend, and I grew up backpacking in tents with them.”

Growing up in the age of social media, Brown has experienced firsthand what a powerful tool it can be for spreading the news about severe weather.  

“I realized I could have the best forecast in the world, but if there’s not a way for people to get their hands on it, what does it matter?,” she says. “Sometimes it’s a lot easier to get on Facebook or Twitter, especially if there is severe weather and the power goes out.”

Having attended OU, Brown is a huge football fan — and so is Stormy, of course. “Stormy has a Sooners jersey. She wears it every Saturday in the fall.”

Brown majored in meteorology and minored in both journalism and mathematics, and she was a member of Gamma Phi Beta at OU. “I’m a die-hard Sooner for life,” she says.

We’re entering Brown’s favorite time of year: summer. “I am a hot weather girl. I love summertime because there’s no excuse to be inside,” she says. “You can always be at the pool.”

Brown loves running, but only in outdoor conditions that many would consider being undesirable. “Anything below 70, and I won’t run in it. I’m definitely from Houston,” she says. “No question, summertime is my favorite season.”