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Cheesy Does It

A cheese board is always a hit around the holidays, but why not take it a step further? This season, spice up your baking routine with the pleasures of cheese.

Tiffany Duncan
Chelsi Fisher
November 29, 2017

If you’re tired of serving the same predictable recipes you’ve rolled out for countless years, try switching things up with a dairy twist.

It’s the season … for cheese. Cheddar, Parmesan, Brie, cream cheese; warm, gooey, rich, melty. Since diets have already been tossed out the window by December anyway, it’s truly the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas lights, holiday parties, mulled wine, brown paper packages tied up with string — and all of the cheesy goodness you can handle before starting that diet Jan. 1 (or, you know, before making that yearly three-day effort, at least). Cheese it up with these three recipes that are sure to become household holiday staples.

Sausage and Brie Breakfast Casserole

This flavorful, melt-in-your-mouth, cheesy breakfast casserole will be your new Christmas morning go-to. Because the bulk of the prep work is done the night before and refrigerated overnight, all you have to do is pop it into the oven in the morning and eat while everyone sits around the tree.

Sausage and Brie Breakfast Casserole (Photo: Chelsi Fisher)
‍Sausage and Brie Breakfast Casserole (Photo: Chelsi Fisher)

Christmas Sugar Cookies Truffles

These delightful little sugar bombs are not only easy to make but are also great for little ones to get their hands on and feel included in the process. You could even start a new tradition with your children and leave these festive cuties out for Santa instead of cookies.

Christmas Sugar Cookies Truffles (Photo: Chelsi Fisher)
‍Christmas Sugar Cookies Truffles (Photo: Chelsi Fisher)

Mini Mac and Cheese Bits

These may just be the ultimate dish to bring to any Christmas party or potluck this season. Rich and cheesy with a hint of golden-baked crispness, you better pop a few on the way to your destination because they’ll be gone as soon as they hit the table.

Mini Mac and Cheese Bits (Photo: Chelsi Fisher)
‍Mini Mac and Cheese Bits (Photo: Chelsi Fisher)