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Carnivore’s Dream

A casual steakhouse with a fine-dining experience where you can bring the family without breaking the bank, BC Steakhouse offers plenty of high-quality eats to satisfy our beef-crazed community.

Rob Harmon
Valerie Grant
December 29, 2017

No offense, vegetarians, but is there really anything better for dinner than a nice, succulent steak and a hot baked potato with all the trimmings? Be honest — sometimes you just have the urge for a tasty piece of meat.

For excellent steak in these parts you can go all the way back to before the Civil War, when in the 1830s, Texas cattle drives came up through Oklahoma Indian Territory. Since those days, the Oklahoma cattle industry has always been on the cutting edge of breeding better cattle and the newest scientific methods of handling beef. So, it makes sense that Tulsa is a steak lover’s town. We’ve got more than a fair share of stellar places to enjoy a delicious choice cut of meat, a baked potato and some green beans or buttered corn.

There are so many reasons we love steak. Just seeing it advertised on a commercial sends our taste buds soaring and makes us say, “It’s what’s for dinner!” Some say it’s the fat in a perfectly cut piece of steak that makes the experience so wonderful. Marbled meat seems to provide such a pleasurable feeling inside our mouths, we just can’t get enough. The texture of a soft, chewy-yet-tender piece of meat in our mouth is another reason people are gaga for steak.

Others say that steak is awesome because it’s not just our eyes and mouths we eat with, it’s our sense of smell. That aroma! Mmmm. A juicy, freshly-grilled steak makes our mouths drool the second we get a whiff of that gorgeous smell wafting through the air.

What it really comes down to is the fact that our brains, over thousands and thousands of years, have been conditioned to crave meat. It’s as simple as that. Most of us are meat-eaters.

While the steaks may be the star of the show at BC Steakhouse, don't miss out on the chicken dishes. (Photo: Valerie Grant)
While the steaks may be the star of the show at BC Steakhouse, don't miss out on the chicken dishes. (Photo: Valerie Grant)

In the last six months or so, BC (Beef Capital) Steakhouse has joined the ranks of Tulsa’s great steakhouses and they plan to keep it that way. It’s just one of Caesar Escoto’s restaurant ventures, and he’s proud to be one of the additions to the Farm Shopping Center on the southeast corner of 51st and Sheridan.

A veteran of the Tulsa restaurant scene for decades and owner of another favorite restaurant to many Tulsans — the Tex-Mex cantina, Rincon — Escoto says providing another steakhouse option in Tulsa was important to him. Plenty of Tulsans love sinking their teeth into a thick, juicy, well-seasoned steak, but many aren’t into the fancy atmosphere where jeans are frowned upon and spending less than $200 can sometimes be unrealistic.

Open the doors of BC Steakhouse and expect a friendly person to greet you and show you to one of the comfortable tables scattered around the dining room. Or, in the back of the room, a huge bar with some big screens also makes a great location for ordering your meal and getting something cool to drink as well. It doesn’t take long to realize this is no ordinary steakhouse.

“This is a casual steakhouse with a fine-dining experience,” Escoto says, “where you can bring the family without breaking the bank.”

BC Steakhouse offers a casual steakhouse with a fine-dining experience where you can bring the family without breaking the bank. (Photo: Valerie Grant)
BC Steakhouse offers a casual steakhouse with a fine-dining experience where you can bring the family without breaking the bank. (Photo: Valerie Grant)

But just because you can get a freshly-cut steak for under $10 doesn’t mean they’ve sacrificed all the quality. Hand-cut choice steaks seasoned in-house with the greatest of care for excellence in every dish is one of BC Steakhouse’s many standards of quality. Select a choice 16-ounce rib-eye, a flavorful New York strip, a tender filet mignon, a bone-in or a classic porter house T-bone, and any one of these will be a special treat.

“Good servers, great food, and prices that are really affordable are all important to us,” he says. “The atmosphere is also vital for giving our customers the experience they expect. We take care of our people and know that they will look forward to coming back.”

With years of experience in all aspects of the restaurant business, Escoto knows that giving a customer a variety of choices is important for a great dining experience. Even though he is very excited to provide an excellent steak dinner for his patrons, he is also very proud of his chicken dishes. He says that grilled, roasted or fried chicken in various dishes makes his customers very happy and provides an unexpected experience for someone looking for something other than beef.

“Of course, a steakhouse should have a great steak,” Escoto says, “but our chicken is juicy and flavorful. We know people don’t want to eat steak every day. People say our seasoning on the chicken is excellent.”

But a tasty steak or a juicy chicken breast is not all you can expect when you peruse the menu. Escoto and his kitchen staff have assembled a menu full of sandwiches, salads, burgers and a full-on kids’ menu as well. The shrimp and other seafood items are also just as pleasing to the palate. Last but not least, they also have barbecue ribs so good, it’s worth licking your fingers afterward.

“A guy came in the other day,” Escoto says. “He said that he wanted to get ribs from a place downtown but they had run out. He thought he would give us a try. After finishing, he told us we were almost as good as that place. That’s a compliment. A place with ribs so good that they run out, and he says we are almost as good as them, I see that as a compliment. So, people can expect to be pleased with our ribs, too.”

Whether it be the ribs, the seafood, the chicken or the steak, BC Steakhouse knows that deep down, you’ve got a hankering for meat cooked well, and they’re not about to stop trying now to make their mark in Tulsa as one of the best places to scratch that itch.

BC Steakhouse
5209 S. Sheridan Road | Tulsa
Monday-Sunday: 11 a.m.-9 p.m.