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Blue Jean Baby

A staple of all street styles, denim has only grown with age. And as we enter 2017, it’s been revamped and transformed into something much more than just a pair of pants — it’s a statement.

Ryann Gordon
January 1, 2017

If you are a hoarder and still own half of the clothes you wore in the ‘90s, you’re in luck, because one of our favorite trends is back and in full action. We’re talking about denim — destroyed, layered, dyed and decorated denim.

Surely you remember the Britney Spears/Justin Timberlake denim suit duo? Well, and, needless to say, the drama hasn’t turned down a bit. So whip out the skinny jeans, frayed jackets and boyfriend button ups, because that most basic blue is taking over the 2017 fashion scene. And it’s even cooler than it was 20 years ago.

Perhaps the most notable of American fashions, the evolution of denim has varied over the years from edgy and dramatic to simple and sweet, and now it’s back again. Coming in all shapes and sizes, and covering every part of our bodies, it can make or break an entire ensemble.

Even double denim, which was for a while considered to be a fashion mistake, has returned by combining chambray button ups and jean jackets with blue jeans or even overalls. The denim on denim look is simply so wrong that it’s right, and it’s easier than you think. Mismatch your shades of denim with a bleached-out button up tucked into a pair of dark washed jeans, or perhaps a tight, spandex-denim micro skirt. Or pair your bottoms with a simple top beneath a destroyed, white-washed denim jacket that came straight from your favorite throwback film.

For a more modern take, try chambray on top because it’s much more comfortable than wearing denim all over and it also flows nicely from winter to spring. Chambray goes great with jeans of another shade, something we see celebrities wearing commonly around NYC and other fashion capitals. Go for a fitted, off-the-shoulder chambray blouse or stick to the basics with a boyish-fit button up tucked in. Throw a fur vest on and you’ll look like you walked straight out of Vogue.

And don’t forget about the jean jacket — the simplest way to warm up and chill out any outfit. Dress down a skirt with a heavy denim jacket that has been destroyed in the most sophisticated way; or pull one over your casual, daytime look. Find the perfect jean jacket at Drysdales, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle or Express.

‍Perhaps the most notable of American fashions, the evolution of denim has varied over the years from edgy and dramatic to simple and sweet, and now it’s back again.

While you’ll want to get your traditional denim skirts ready for spring, get ahead of the fashion game with a button up denim skirt that you can rock throughout the year. Pair an A-line style jean skirt with thigh-high boots and a tucked in turtle neck (another less-than-expected style to return) and be the queen of the schoolyard.

This is also the time to let your blue jean baby shine. Go for high-waisted skinny jeans or crisp, dark-washed bell-bottoms, or opt for one of these more modern looks that have shaped this year’s jean obsession.

This brings us to another one of this season’s most notable trends: cuffed-bottoms and high waters. Those embarrassingly too-short pants your mom made you wear until you couldn’t get the zipper up are actually in style now. Either dress down your ankle-length skinny jeans with flats or sneakers or dress up a pair of cuffed, boyfriend jeans with tight, slip-on sock boots or point-toe pumps. Embrace this nerdy fashion and throw on some ankle-strapped heels or dress sandals for a girlish take beneath cuffs. But exercise caution because if there’s one thing that’s not in style this year, it’s tripping over your heels in jeans that are too long.

The destroyed denim can be seen on just about every Instagram feed. Pair a silky, lingerie-like top and heels with a pair of light-washed boyfriend jeans that are nearly falling off you, with holes and tears from beneath the buttocks to large, gaping rips above and over the knees for a contrast that is romantic yet undeniably edgy. Or stick with aged denim that is fitted in just the right places, like Kendall Jenner’s “Go Vote” outfit, where she matched a pair of jagged, cutoff flare-bottoms with a striped, crop-top sweater and red lipstick.

While traditionally heels were reserved for skinny jeans and other fitted bottoms, this is the season to break out of old habits and be daring with your jean game. Oversized bottoms held up by a belt can look delicate and pretty with a tight top and strappy heels.