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Blends with Benefits

Not all cookies are created equal. We’ve found three sweet-tooth saviors that are loaded with healthy alternatives and plenty of yum.

Tiffany Duncan
Chelsi Fisher
May 28, 2018

Sugar has long been the bad guy in the battle against weight loss. Most of us know how hard it is to give up sugar, only to crack and eat a whole row of Oreos because we couldn’t stand it anymore. When that sweet tooth strikes, it can be nearly impossible to fend it off. But what if there was an alternative that allowed you to eat sugar without the guilt? And no, we aren’t talking any of that sugar-free nonsense, either.

Most people think “cookie” and picture just a classic chocolate chip loaded down with butter and processed sugar. But “cookie” can mean anything circular that satisfies that sweet tooth — even if the ingredients inside aren’t from the average Betty Crocker repertoire. And luckily these days there are literally hundreds of recipes out there for cookies made with healthy alternatives for processed sugar, heavy dairy, and gluten-containing flours.

Here are a few recipes to take care of sugar cravings when they strike and not feel guilty for it afterward.

Paleo Ice-Box Cookies

With only three ingredients and the texture of creamy, cold cookie dough, these gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free cookies are almost too good to be believed. Eat one or two in the morning and feel fueled until lunchtime.

Paleo Ice-Box Cookies (Photo: Chelsi Fisher)
‍Paleo Ice-Box Cookies (Photo: Chelsi Fisher)

Healthy Cowboy Cookies

With no flour, sugar, or eggs, these hearty oat and chocolate chip cookies make a quick breakfast or a delicious, guilt-free snack.

Healthy Cowboy Cookies (Photo: Chelsi Fisher)
‍Healthy Cowboy Cookies (Photo: Chelsi Fisher)

Indulgent Chocolate Avocado Cookies

Instead of butter, these cookies utilize avocados to bind the cookies and give them their silky texture. Though it may sound weird, trust us — these cookies are shockingly good. Not only that, but they are good for you, as they contain the healthy omega fats of the avocados and raw cacao powder, which is chock-full of antioxidants. And don’t worry if you aren’t an avocado fan; once they are baked, they simply taste like a sinfully indulgent, rich chocolate cookie.

Indulgent Chocolate Avocado Cookies (Photo: Chelsi Fisher)
‍Indulgent Chocolate Avocado Cookies (Photo: Chelsi Fisher)