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Amy Immell

Stops: Fat Daddy's Pub and Grille, Children's Orchard, I-44 Antique Mall

$91.80 Challenger
$91.80 Challenger
June 28, 2019

The Mission: So providing an envelope of cash and telling people to spend it in 48 hours isn’t exactly a challenge, but it makes this assignment sound a lot more interesting. Spend $91.80 (we used the local area code for the amount) in two days. And if she could find fun and free activities ... bonus. The only catch was that she had to spend it at places, events or shops profiled in the June 2019 issue of Preview 918.

The Team: Amy Immell

Stop #1: I did the challenge with my friend, Ricki Buckley. We decided to start the afternoon at Fat Daddy’s Pub and Grille, where we enjoyed a spicy battered cauliflower appetizer. I ordered the barbecue pulled pork sandwich with potato salad, and my friend ordered the open-faced roast beef sandwich. We both thoroughly enjoyed our lunch, but the cauliflower appetizer was our favorite. It was a calm and quiet lunch, and the atmosphere was pleasant. There was a family there, a few people playing pool, and a group at the bar enjoying themselves.
Cost: $31.19

Stop #2: Our second stop was the Children’s Orchard consignment shop. We found some cute baby outfits for Ricki’s soon-to-be baby, and the cashier was excited to tell us about upcoming sales. We will be back to get more stuff. I added them to my Facebook page so I can see more sales they will be having.
Cost: $28.17

Stop #3: Our last stop was I-44 Antique Mall. The place is much bigger than it looks from the outside. We had a blast perusing the vintage jewelry, dishes, Frankoma Pottery merchandise, and more. They have an impressive amount of Star Wars and Coca-Cola merchandise, as well as some fun furniture. We found everything from rosaries to pin-up merchandise. We settled on some Funko Pops to go with my collection. It was our last stop, so we bypassed a few cool vintage hats that were outside the money we had left, but we need to go back soon to see if they still have them.
Cost: $29.30

The fun and memories were priceless. Thanks for letting us do this challenge.

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