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Addicted to Love

If you’re tired of the same kind of dates over and over again, then try these unique, cheap and fun ideas to enjoy some new experiences with your partner.

Lindsey Mills
Lindsey Mills
January 28, 2019

When we first started dating, my boyfriend, Jackson, and I lived hours apart and would take turns every couple of weeks driving in order to spend a few days together. During this phase, each minute we got to spend together was precious and filled with conversation in order to cover all the things we didn’t get to talk about while living our separate lives. Throughout this time, we learned a lot about good communication and making the most of our brief time together.

Now, we share the same home, we work in the same store (Gearhead Outfitters), we travel together, and we have the same friend circles in Tulsa. These days we know exactly how each others day went because we both lived it.

Spending so much time together is both a blessing and a challenge. While other couples may catch up on work drama over dinner or dish about friends over drinks, we usually have a lot less to talk about when we sit down to a meal or with a cup of coffee. This has caused us to settle into a routine, and it means we have to shake it up more often if we want to have an exciting date night or enjoy a more meaningful day together.

Sometimes a quiet night on the couch with a movie is all we need. Other times we turn to the magic of our city in order to inject something special into the day.

Sometimes our dates are with each other, and sometimes it’s better to go out with a friend in order to give ourselves some space after so much time spent in the same company. Both kinds of dates help to make our relationship healthier because quality time together and apart is important for both of our sanities.

And date night options abound in T-Town. Here are my top picks for changing it up:

Turkey Mountain
Miles of interlacing trails cover this mini-mountain on the side of the Arkansas River to form the perfect urban-wilderness area for our little family to get a dose of the outdoors. We humans enjoy the fresh air and taste of adventure, but our four-legged family member is in heaven when we’re cruising through the trees. We’ve been on our fair share of trails and can assure you the ones at Turkey Mountain are challenging, technical, and well-maintained. We enjoy trail-running on sunny days and navigating the many twists and turns through this little swath of nature. The park is also great for mountain biking, hiking, and picnicking.

Circle Cinema
Movies are such an incredible way to escape reality, to immerse yourself in another world outside of the day to day. Going to the movies seems to have been on the decline, somewhat eclipsed by the role Netflix and Hulu play in providing media within our own homes. But there’s something special about going to see a film on the big screen, having a bucket of popcorn in your lap and a soda to sip on. Circle Cinema takes that nostalgic feeling of watching a movie in a theater to another level because its revitalization of an older building transports you back in time even before the movie takes you to another world. Visit the cinema to watch a movie that’s just come out, or attend a screening of your favorite classic.

Philbrook Museum of Art
With two locations — midtown and downtown — the Philbrook Museum is a world-class treasure that is a Tulsa must-see. While we visited the downtown location, it took us longer to visit the original location that boasts a kitchen for brunch, lunch or dinner (depending on the day of the week), beautiful sprawling gardens around the building, and regular events throughout the month. Visit the downtown location during the First Friday Art Crawl each month or the original any other Friday of the month for their House Party, All Access, or Movie Night. You can also take the family for Studio Saturday to enjoy activities aimed at exploring new art skills for kids.

Glacier Confection
I make no defenses or apologies when it comes to my love of chocolate. I was borderline giddy when I saw the chocolate shop down the way from our store in Utica Square, and overjoyed when I heard they’d opened a chocolate and wine bar downtown — Glacier Bean to Bar — near Archer Street. The Bean to Bar location is perfect for indulging your sweet tooth on dark, milk and white chocolate offerings while sipping on a cocktail (or two). You can watch the chocolate process through a glass wall or observe the bustle of downtown through the windows. Grab some peanuts dipped in wonderfully smooth milk chocolate or a few items from their artisan, dessert, vegan or caramel collections to take home and enjoy the next time date night keeps you in.  

Unique Date Ideas to Jump-start a Relationship

When you’ve been dating or married to someone for a while, it can be easy to fall into a rut. Being with that someone special was meant to be fun and enjoyable. Get inspired to think outside the box with some of these creative options that will set an inviting mood.

  • Make personalized scavenger hunts for each other
  • Check out a new band
  • Take a dance class
  • Be a little silly
  • Take a brewery tour
  • Wander through a bookstore
  • Make a video and put it on YouTube
  • Play a childhood game
  • Take a surprise trip
  • Volunteer in your community
  • Learn a new language
  • Come up with backstories for strangers as you people watch
  • Build an iTunes playlist together
  • Take personality quizzes
  • Cook a meal together
  • Tour a botanical garden
  • Make a fort in your living room
  • Write letters to each other
  • Visit a flea market
  • Read a book together
  • Make out in your car
  • Go back to where you had your first date

What do we do now? I want to hear your suggestions, whether you’re a native Tulsan or a newbie like us. We want to know where to hang out, pig-out, shop ’til we drop, and everything in between. If you know a place with a great story, share it with us so we can go check it out.

Every day is an adventure with our little family, and I’m sharing our story because I think some people can relate. Follow us on Instagram and/or search #TakenWithTulsa or #NewInTtown to check out our latest adventures as we seek out new experiences and share our advice on how to embrace Tulsa.