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Tiffany Duncan

November 2019

Cake of the Art

A sprinkle-filled, nostalgic explosion of a dessert, the funfetti birthday layer cake is an epitome of homegrown celebration and family. But be prepared for the tasking five-part baking process.

October 2019

All the Pasta-bilities

Because of its versatility, there’s a pasta dish for everyone out there from ziti to spaghetti and from lasagna to linguine. Do you need more reasons to love pasta?

September 2019

Say Cheese

In honor of this ubiquitous queen of all dairy products, here are five fun and surprising facts you may not know about cheese.

August 2019

Mythological Munchies

Unicorn macarons can be made by those who aren’t pastry chefs with magical powers, superhuman patience, and the finely tuned motor skills of a surgeon.

August 2019

Veg of Heaven

With poor eating habits invading most of our lives, maybe it’s time to add in some cruciferous veggies to lighten things up a bit and pave the way toward better health.

July 2019

Bite-Sized Beauties

Being in the right mindset to commit to the tedious process of making macarons helps navigate potential pitfalls.

July 2019

Oh, What Fungi

From cremini to shiitake, mushrooms may not precisely be a mystery, but there are enough types out there to leave you stumped on which ones to choose and how to prepare them.

June 2019

Flock to the Fowl

Cobbled together from a mixture of French history and similar dishes that hailed from Europe, this chicken dish more than lives up to its name ("cordon bleu" means “blue ribbon”).

May 2019

Beauty and the Yeast

Skip the bakery and supermarket; it's time to make fresh, chewy bagels at home. Intimidated? Don't be. If you can make bread dough, you can easily make bagels.

May 2019

Choc and Awe

From the Aztecs to early Europeans, who believed it could serve as both a love potion and medicine, not a lot has changed in our centuries-old love affair with the cocoa bean.

April 2019

To Dye For

Your kitchen is full of natural dyes for Easter eggs. With a little creativity and some Pinterest tips, common food items can be used to transform plain white eggs into a rainbow of colors.

April 2019

Rice Up Your Life

Rice is a delicious, versatile alternative to potatoes and pasta, and there are lots of varieties to choose from.

March 2019

Pasta Proficiency

From humble beginnings, ravioli squares have taken the world by storm and now line supermarket shelves. Have you ever thought to try making your own?

March 2019

The Language Game

You probably have read the packaging on hundreds of different products, but do you really know what all the phrases mean? Too often, terms don’t really match up with your expectations.

February 2019

Eggs-ellent Eats

Making homemade hollandaise sauce may sound intimidating, but depending on the method you use it can also be a snap.

February 2019

Bringing the Heat

If you don’t know what you are looking for, grabbing a random pepper at the grocery store can be a bit like playing a game of roulette.

January 2019

The French Five

Even if you are unfamiliar with the term “mother sauces,” you are likely eating and enjoying them all the time without actually realizing it.

January 2019

Channeling Child

Cooking five-star meals with obscure meats, ingredients, and sauces is not just for the experienced cook; it can be for anyone with a desire to learn. This month’s challenge: Boeuf Bourguignon.

December 2018

Merry Morsels

The best part about receiving a gift that can be eaten is it doesn’t end up sitting around the house until it’s eventually tossed into a box bound for Goodwill.

December 2018

False Fears

It can be terrifying to look a barrier — whether real or imagined — square in the face. To break free, acknowledge it, shake hands with it and realize you are probably capable of more.

December 2018

Time to Moo-ve Over?

While cow’s milk is a popular choice for many, the last few years have been a renaissance of sorts for anyone looking to explore the rapidly expanding field of nondairy milk.

November 2018

Partners in Dine

Put a friendly spin on the traditional turkey meal with these recipes that should wow your pals this Friendsgiving.

November 2018

Serve that Bird

Brining has plenty of advocates, and understandably so. It’s a flexible technique that makes a remarkable difference in the moistness of the turkey meat, especially the breast.

November 2018

The Should Monster

You can’t force yourself to do something simply by invoking “should,” even though most of us do it so often we don’t even notice.

October 2018

Fall into Comfort

Keep warm as the weather turns cooler with easy fall recipes made with favorite autumn ingredients.

October 2018

Fab Four

Are fat, protein, fiber, and greens the true solution to ending manic diet obsessions, regimens, crazes, and trends for good?

October 2018

Spice Up Your Life

Learning to cook with a new spice is an excellent way to foster appreciation for dishes and cultures other than your own.

September 2018

A+ Snacks

Everybody wants to be that cool parent who makes the best snacks, and with these simple recipes, it will be as easy as A-B-C to fuel your children before and after school.

September 2018

Don’t Fear Fat

If you’re afraid of fats, you’re not alone. For many, fat is a four-letter word, but not all of its forms are worth swearing off.

September 2018

Mind Matters

Getting healthy in your head is the first step to getting healthy. Often it’s some sort of mental blockage that keeps us stuck on the couch, tossing and turning all night, or stress eating.

August 2018

Backyard Bites

As Labor Day looms, prepare for a day of grilling out where everyone will truly want to kiss the cook.

August 2018

Feeling Salty?

If you want to take your kitchen game to the next level, learning to use the correct salt — and the proper amounts at the right times — is perhaps the most important key to superb cooking.

August 2018

Smoothie Moves

Easy to assemble and quick to make, smoothies pack a ton of different nutrients into one cold glass of goodness.

July 2018

Poolside Party Pleasers

As you celebrate independence indulgence near your favorite body of water, we present a few recipes to lend a festive vibe and keep everybody happily munching, crunching and imbibing.

July 2018

The White Stuff

Thanks to modern conveniences like zip-close bags and easy access to ice, it’s incredibly easy to make smooth and delicious ice cream right at home, even without an expensive contraption.

July 2018

Moderation Over Deprivation

The French are widely admired for being thin, beautiful and alluring, but they are also widely known to consume all of those diet offenders. How is this possible?

June 2018

Blends with Benefits

Not all cookies are created equal. We’ve found three sweet-tooth saviors that are loaded with healthy alternatives and plenty of yum.

June 2018

Know Fare

Understanding some basic kitchen lexicon can help you avoid some major rookie mistakes when creating that next treat or meal.

June 2018

The Vacation Variable

Traveling can serve as a great reminder that there is so much more to life than militantly sticking to a clean eating regimen, or obsessively minding the numbers on the bathroom scale.

May 2018

Lettuce Eat

Warm weather calls for refreshing, easy-to-make dishes. Give your summer salads a fresh, colorful spin with these quick and easy recipes.

May 2018

Seeking Sacred While Scared

A lot of changing one's lifestyle boils down to self-control and learning to live differently. Give yourself the grace to make changes slow, and the grace to keep trying after messing up.

May 2018

Sweet Surrender

We’re on a bona fide sugar binge in this country. And understanding how sugar behaves in recipes will help you avoid the chances of a baking disaster.

April 2018

Springing into Action

When Peeps and parfaits become tired, try breathing some fresh life into your Easter and spring by utilizing bright flavors and cute presentations to make rainy days seem less gray.

April 2018

What Drives You?

A lot of changing one's lifestyle boils down to self-control and learning to live differently. Give yourself the grace to make changes slow, and the grace to keep trying after messing up.

April 2018

The Dough Must Go On

Between the gluten, non-gluten, and experimental flour varieties that pop up occasionally, the options could easily lead to a panic-induced cleanup on aisle 13. Avoid that with some simple tips.

March 2018

Cooking Catharsis

Learning to make your own versions of hummus, chicken stock, and guacamole will allow you to bypass the prepared foods section and empower you to take on other dining and snacking staples.

March 2018

Motivation Makeover

In the fight to lose weight, do whatever you can to keep your goals sustainable and not miserable, which will allow you to gain momentum and build up to harder things.

March 2018

Just Dough It!

Making pasta is not as daunting or as messy an undertaking as you might have heard. In fact, making it from scratch is so simple and straightforward that there's barely any learning curve.

February 2018

Sweetheart Sweets

The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. So why not hand out these adorable cakes, pies and pops to demonstrate that true love and appreciation comes in all shapes, sizes and calories.

February 2018

Flab Fight

With a goal to lose 30 pounds in 2018, one of our own writers is out to prove that health and happiness are for everyone, not just the manically self-disciplined with Benjamins to burn.

February 2018

Boards of Education

Unlike a steak or bottle of wine — where the higher the price point, the better it’s likelier to taste — you can get away with not forking over a wad of cash on a charcuterie or cheese spread.

January 2018

One-Pot Wonders

Anyone who's cooked knows how precious stove top and oven real estate is. Enter the crockpot. And what’s not to love about these under-valued appliance recipes?

January 2018

Roots of Flavor

Armed with just a little knowledge, you can up your kitchen game and feel good knowing you can confidently select, cook, and store onions of all types.

December 2017

Cheesy Does It

A cheese board is always a hit around the holidays, but why not take it a step further? This season, spice up your baking routine with the pleasures of cheese.

November 2017

Pie’s the Limit

No matter if you’re a baking beginner or born with spatula in hand, we’ve got three no-fail pie ideas for your holiday dessert tables.

October 2017

Seasonal Sensations

Savor the flavors of fall and perk up a chilly night (or dull party) with these hearty, delicious recipes that make the most of seasonal ingredients.

September 2017

Choc it to Me

In search of the perfect sweet treat to calm those chocolate cravings? Try these outrageously delish offerings (including chili) packed with plenty of rich and indulgent flavor.

August 2017

Brunch and Munch

Let them eat cake — for breakfast! Throw a leisurely brunch party with some nontraditional treats.

July 2017

Red, White and Chew

Exercise your independence from the same old festive snacks and pledge allegiance to three recipes that are sure to create plenty of bang for just a few bucks.

July 2017

Raise Your Spirits

From the drinks to the food and fun, everything at MixCo is designed with intentionality at the forefront. If you haven’t joined the party yet, what are you waiting for?

June 2017

How You Brewin’?

With so much information out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and resign yourself to continue drinking subpar coffee. But we are here to break down the rules for better home brewing.

June 2017

Take a Dip

Whether you’re attending a pool party potluck or hosting a splash bash of your own, these delicious dips will keep friends and guests dunking all day long.

May 2017

Milking the Moment

LOMAH dairy products are exploding in popularity not only based on their taste but also because of Stanley and Donna Johnson’s 100 percent ethical, sustainable, and transparent production practices.

May 2017

Raw Talent

Mixing rice, vegetables, fish, and other proteins can be tricky, but don’t let a little intimidation keep you from creating homemade sushi rolls.

May 2017

Serving Up Satisfaction

If you’ve had a great meal in Tulsa over the last 15 or so years, chances are that Justin Thompson had a hand in it somehow.

April 2017

Tasteful Ambience

Built around a farm-to-table concept, Juniper, a bistro specializing in American cuisine with classic French and European influences, provides the perfect atmosphere for toasting and tasting.

April 2017

Perfectly Packable

Who doesn’t love a picnic? And while the eats and drinks should be simple and fuss-free to maximize your relaxation and fun, the fare doesn’t have to be boring.

April 2017

Freeze Frames

Hello Baby Photography knows that life slows down for no one, and they intentionally stand in the gap to catch all of the life-changing moments babies and children bring.

March 2017

Hang Time

When pretzels and popcorn aren’t good enough to make the starting lineup, grab a rebound by giving your March Madness parties a slam dunk assist with these fun and easy game-winning snacks.

February 2017

Baking Sweet Memories

Whether it’s a baby shower cake, a birthday cake or a wedding cake that stands as a true testament to your love, very few confectionary challenges are beyond the grasp of The Cake Lady.

February 2017

Food for Thaw

Whether it’s chewy, gooey, creamy or meaty, hearty comfort food — especially in the colder months — is like an electric blanket for the soul, warming you from the inside out.

February 2017

Design-Forward Repurposing

Comprised entirely of shipping containers, The Boxyard brings a new kind of aesthetic to Tulsa — the kind of minimalistic, industrial chic that is usually only associated with larger metropolises.

January 2017

Lighten Up

After a month of heavy holiday dinners, cookie trays, and sugary cocktails, it’s a great time to embark on a healthy eating plan.

January 2017

Literature and Learning

The Tulsa City-County Central Library is much more than a restored city icon; it’s a dynamic, inspiring environment for Tulsa dreamers of all ages.

December 2016

Mind Your Manners

Need a creative thank-you idea for your gracious host during the holiday party season? Here are a few guidelines to keep you soirée savvy.

December 2016

The Theme Scene

If you’ve never been to Boomtown Tees, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane — Tulsa style — and support the unique and fun retailer that offers a wearable treasure trove of childhood memories.

December 2016

Yuletide Yummies

Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle trying to figure out what to serve to guests over the holidays. Try these treats and snacks that are festive, frugal and fast.

November 2016

Culinary Cornucopia

For your guests this Thanksgiving, whip up this from-potpie-to-cookies menu, or mix and match recipes for any holiday party or event.

October 2016

Dead-On Delicious

Treat your little (and big) monsters to a frightful feast of our favorite spooky and silly Halloween snacks.

September 2016

Game Changers

Football season is snack season, and finger food is the name of the game. Score some big points with these crowd-pleasing favorites.

August 2016

Sweetest Tastes of Summer

Forget the store-bought popsicles and try these fantastic alternatives to the summer classics. The hardest part will be waiting for them to freeze so you can wow your family and friends.

July 2016

Poolside Snacks

This eye-catching, tasty combo will make you the poolside hero of any party, or be the hit of the bridal brunch or baby shower you may be throwing this summer.