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Rob Harmon

April 2020

What a Releaf

The expansive and secluded 800-acre Oxley Nature Center, with its miles of forged trails, provides an opportunity to reconnect with the world and its creatures.

March 2020

Discover Your Hoppy Place

With plenty of breweries in Green Country, where’s a beer-lover to start? How about with a brewery crawl.

March 2020

Gaining Grounds

CoffeeFirst is impacting people recovering from mental health illnesses, incarceration, or addiction, all while serving up sensational Topeca Coffee.

February 2020

Q&A: William Shatner

A cultural icon since the 1960s, William Shatner shares some of his secrets to living long and prospering, as well as behind-the-scenes stories from "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan."

January 2020

Reclaimed Renegade

Venita Cooper has taken her growing love and appreciation of Tulsa's Greenwood District, along with her energetic love of retro sneakers, and fanned it into a passionate endeavor.

November 2019

In the Hunt

There's more to hunting than sitting in a stand waiting on "the" shot. It's not necessarily easy, but with a little preparation (and maybe a guide), even a novice can have a great outing this fall.

October 2019

Ready, Set, Chug

Celebrating two of Tulsa’s favorite things — running and beer — the McNellie’s Pub Run offers plenty of challenges, running, wacky apparel and charitable goodwill.

September 2019

An Innovative Spirit

Most great origin stories come from extraordinary backstories. The same is true in the case of Oklahoma Distilling Company.

August 2019

Walk This Way

In Tulsa, learning how to navigate roadways properly can be the difference between life and death.

July 2019

Soaring Back in Time

The Tulsa Air and Space Museum captures the achievements and products of the pilots, designers, and engineers who completed those first flights, then set their sights on space.

June 2019

Good to the Last Hop

Whatever your fermentation and food faves, Prairie Brewpub has your back with expertly-brewed beers and deliciously-executed edibles.

May 2019

Dream Warriors

Local nonprofit Rooms with a Heart is fighting to keep magic and make-believe alive for children experiencing critical illnesses.

April 2019

Head Out

Are you staying in this weekend? Consider making time to get outdoors. Studies show that getting outside is clinically proven to keep your mind healthy and relaxed.

March 2019

Me, Myself and I

We can work so hard to show those around us that we care we often neglect the person we spend the most time with — ourselves.

February 2019

Dock and Awe

The Shark Beach Grill brings even more of the summertime fun, beach atmosphere and fantastic food Tulsans have enjoyed at Safari Joe's H2O Water Park during warmer months.

January 2019

Holiday Debt Blues

You’ve opened the gifts, and now it’s time to open those post-holiday credit card statements. While the situation can be stressful, there are many ways to recover from last month’s spending frenzy.

December 2018

Turn Holiday Blahs into Ahs

Party and celebrate to your heart's content during your wintertime festivities by checking out these eight ways to keep the stress low and cheerful feelings high.

December 2018

Finding Balance

There's a big difference between how we want grief to work out and how it actually does. Tulsa's Tristesse Grief Center is a top-notch counseling center that understands those needs.

November 2018

Springing into Action

Tulsa Pop Culture Expo is not merely an annual convention celebrating all things pop culture; it is also a springboard for making a positive impact on Tulsa throughout the entire year.

November 2018

Duct Tales

Is there anything duct tape can’t do? It’s probably easier to list the things it can’t do.

November 2018

Preventing Suicide

There are no easy answers for helping someone struggling with depression. But here are some tips from experts.

November 2018

Power to the Pages

Tulsa Pop Kids works with the pop culture enthusiast communities in Green Country to promote literacy through raising funds and awareness. And the organization has big plans for making it all happen.

October 2018

Getting Their Ax Together

Taking throwing darts at the bar to a new level, hatchet hurling has proven to be a popular and immersive kind of entertainment at Jenks’ Got Wood.

July 2018

House Work

Home improvement projects can be fun but can become the thing of nightmares with flaky contractors, repairs gone awry and overblown budgets.

July 2018

Selfless Spirit

Striving to educate, equip and empower Green Country and the rest of the nation on how to better help children stay safe from predators is the Demand Project's plan to prevent sex trafficking.

May 2018

Remodel Behavior

Built using repurposed oceanic shipping containers, The Boxyard in downtown Tulsa is a small, lively, eclectic village of shops, sweets, service providers, dining destinations and retail outlets.

May 2018

Brownie Points

The burgers, pies and root beer at Brownies may appear to be basic diner fare. But with a bonus of 60 years of experience behind almost every recipe, there is nothing ordinary about the Tulsa icon.

April 2018

Edible Expansionism

Bringing beef to new heights, Flo’s Burger Diner is primed to offer its classic Americana meals to Tulsa on Route 66 while also maintaining its original location in Catoosa.

March 2018

The How of Happiness

Looking for a reason to volunteer? Start by looking in the mirror. While it would seem obvious that volunteering offers benefits to the community, it's also good for us on a personal level.

March 2018

The Big Bet

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa has gone all in to make sure the World Series of Poker's 46-event, 13-day tournament is a memory maker and possible moneymaker for spectators and players.

March 2018

Nacho Daddy

From the staples and tasty seafood chowder to chimichangas and rib-eye carne asada, Brandon Fischer offers authentic Sonoran-style Mexican dishes at Chimi's that have enthralled thousands since 1983.

February 2018

Your Body on Booze

There's no clear evidence indicating the type of alcohol you drink affects your state of drunkenness. So what really happens inside your body when you imbibe?

February 2018

Pursuit of Perfection

Craig Baxter’s Interurban is his version of Field of Dreams, where his reimagined vision for contemporary American and Tex-Mex fare flourishes with personal interactions, teamwork and pride.

January 2018

Bunker Mentality

The Coffee Bunker provides a light of hope to veterans and service members in a world where sadly, men and women of such great courage and sacrificial spirit are often overlooked and forgotten.

January 2018

Carnivore’s Dream

A casual steakhouse with a fine-dining experience where you can bring the family without breaking the bank, BC Steakhouse offers plenty of high-quality eats to satisfy our beef-crazed community.

December 2017


The holiday season can bring mixed emotions for many. For some, it’s their favorite time of year. For others, it brings feelings of sadness and loss.

November 2017

Mingle with the Masters

Nearly 200,000 visitors come to the Philbrook Museum of Art every year, including many during the holidays, to view its splendor, beauty and both modern and classic masterpieces.

November 2017

Nostalgia in the Hair

Done up with vintage lighting fixtures, antique barber chairs and, of course, a glass jar of blue Barbicide near, barber shops are offering the experience our fathers and grandfathers received.

November 2017

Menu for the Masses

With a reputation for never taking shortcuts with delicious pancakes, omelets, cinnamon rolls, sandwiches and burgers, Savoy does exactly what it takes to keep its patrons coming back again and again.

October 2017

Super Friends

Colorful incarnations of the human soul, the charity cosplay group DC Marvel League delivers rewarding and heartwarming experiences one heroic adventure at a time.

October 2017

Meat and Greet

The burgers at Harden’s have been drawing Tulsans for decades like eager moths to their flame-grilled goodness. And with a food truck-style catering trailer, the reach continues to expand.

September 2017

Feast of Eden

Beyond the heavenly wings, other eats, drinks and wait staff, Hooters continues to thrive because it sticks to what it knows while always looking for ways to be tastefully innovative.

September 2017

The Mex Best Thing

As owner and chef of Ricardos, Thomas Hunter doesn't try to change too much of what has clearly been working for the past four decades, but he loves to introduce unique ways to serve Tex-Mex staples.

August 2017

So Much to Drag About

Rubber meets road at Tulsa Raceway Park where monster trucks rule, the midnight drags live on and mud boggers show the ground who’s boss.

August 2017

Dirty Play

Conquer the Gauntlet offers feats of masochism geared equally to the power walkers and those who find their high by pushing through physical exhaustion, wetness, a few blisters and plenty of mud.

August 2017

Up in Arms

There’s a criminally good time to be had at the J.M. Davis Arms and Historical Museum with showpieces ranging from a 1350 A.D. Chinese cannon to a tank, samurai swords and pistols of famous outlaws.

July 2017

Virtual Insanity

Experience the seemingly impossible with Xtreme Racing and Entertainment’s state-of-the-art VR technology that provides total immersion into zombie nightmares and a new way of seeing imaginary worlds.

July 2017

Drafting a Winner

Maryn’s Taphouse and Raw Bar is no fish-out-of-water thanks to the vision of Corey Crandall who has created a modern gastropub offering a bar-lover’s paradise and plenty of plates from land and sea.

June 2017

Roads Less Traveled

With thousands of miles suited to off-highway vehicles, exploring and playing in all-terrain and utility-terrain vehicles has become a popular pastime. But which ride is best for you?

June 2017

Wiener Take All

From coneys blanketed in cheese, relish, mustard, chili, onion or jalapeno to Greek staples, Jim’s Coney Island has earned life-long followers thanks to unique concoctions and a family bond.

May 2017

Comic Relief

Are your spider senses tingling? Thanks in part to movies, shows and the undying love of collectors and readers alike, graphic literature has broken out of hobby shops and into the mainstream.

April 2017

Balancing Art and Science

With over 20 films, the Architecture and Design Film Festival is designed to broaden the conversation of the creative process behind film, architecture and design for all walks of life.

April 2017

Speed Thrills

Awaken your spirit of adventure, play a round of simulated golf, take Xbox gaming to another level, or blow off some steam in a race-kart on steroids at Xtreme Racing and Entertainment.

March 2017

Built on Excellence

An entertainer at heart, Khaled Rahhal aims to please eyes first and stomachs second by taking pride in the presentation of every meal at Mediterranean hotspot Papa Ganouj.

March 2017

Soccer Soaring

Between 1990-2015, the number of players registered in organized youth soccer programs has doubled. So, do pigskin-loving Oklahomans finally love the world’s most popular sport?

March 2017

Ahead of the Game

There’s no chance of a rain delay at Carmelo Scalone’s 27,000 square foot indoor soccer and sports complex, where the focus and mission is about more than just what goes on inside.

February 2017

Gratifying Grill

From the confines of a nearly 100-year-old landmark, the Atlas Grill honors downtown Tulsa’s rich heritage with blue-plate specials, comfort food and catering meals that have stood the test of time.

February 2017


With over a thousand vehicles inside, automotive lovers can stroll through the Darryl Starbird show, feasting their eyes on some of the most beautiful, innovative and powerful cars ever built.

February 2017

The Reel Deal

Slot machines are games of pure chance, requiring no skill whatsoever. So why are casino-goers so enamored with all the bells and whistles?

January 2017

Answering the Call

Volunteering is not about money; it’s about giving, contributing and helping individuals and the community at large. Are you ready to work with others to make a meaningful contribution this year?

January 2017

Cum On Feel the Noize

If today’s music gags you with a spoon, the crew at 100.9 Totally Awesome ‘80s say relax and take a chill pill. The totally boss Tulsa radio station is ready to spin you round (like a record).

January 2017

A Beautiful Marriage

Family man, veteran and trendy chef Ben Alexander is a world-class maestro creating innovative pub food dishes and fusion meals at The Tavern and the somewhat secret Bull in the Alley.

December 2016

Hook, Dine and Drinker

The wide-ranging menu at Los Cabos paired with its stellar beverage program, makes one yearn for a trip to Mexico’s Baja Peninsula.

December 2016

’Tis the Season to Give

Finding ways to practice kindness doesn’t have to be hard. Perhaps you’ll be inspired by one of these 12 great ideas and you can bring joy to others in your community this Christmas.