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Rachel Wright

May 2017

Jukebox Heroes

Preserving and promoting the Sooner State sound, the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame honors legendary experiences, venues and performers.

May 2017

Pour the Win

What’s the best beer-delivery method: cans, bottles or draft? Let’s explore the merits of each.

April 2017

Beerly Beloved

With craft brewing becoming a trend, we’re practically swimming in small-batch suds. Thanks to groups like Marshall, Prairie and others, our cups are running over with porters, IPAs and session ales.

March 2017

Shamrocks and Shindigs

For everyone who believes there are only two kinds of people in the world — those who are Irish and those who wish they were — the 918 has plenty of options for St. Patrick’s Day.

March 2017

Hit Parade

A celebratory musical paying tribute to the African-American music explosion led by Berry Gordy’s Detroit label, Motown: The Musical is more than just a fabulous songbook.

February 2017

Grape Expectations

Picking out a great bottle of cabernet sauvignon at the liquor store, or even just a glass of sauvignon blanc while out for a nice meal, isn't as hard as some wine connoisseurs might make you think.

February 2017

Amp It Up

The OklaHomeGrown Music Showcase gives emerging stars and under-the-radar music acts the opportunity to expand their reach and fan base from within the historic Cain’s Ballroom.

January 2017

Sip Service

Whether you’re dining, out for a drink, or spending the entire night at the bar, don’t forget the gratuity. But figuring out how much and when to tip can make your head spin more than the booze.

January 2017

Worth the Weight?

Weight loss is a hot topic. However, it can be really hard to sort out myth from fact. Understanding what works (and what doesn’t) will help propel you along your journey toward better health.

December 2016

Brewed Awakening

There are a number of persistent myths about craft beer that unfairly distort facts and confuse. We demystified a few of these so that you can hold your own against a know-it-all.