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John Tranchina

October 2019

On the Ball

A well-skilled athlete trapped inside a 6-foot-5, 295-pound body, Broken Arrow’s Andrew Raym has lived up to his No. 1 prospect ranking, graduating high school early and committing to OU for football.

October 2019

Circle of Life

As painful as last year’s knee injury was, the most challenging part for Pryor’s Olivia Cummings was the mental aspect of not being able to play while the team thrived without her.

September 2019

Tossing One Back

While cornhole is generally thought of as a beanbag tossing game played at family gatherings or tailgate parties, it's becoming more competitive, more organized, and potentially more lucrative.

September 2019

Killer Queen

As she prepares for her senior year of volleyball at Owasso, Mallory Hendrix is poised to be one of the best multi-position players in the state.

September 2019

Gridiron Glory

While the decision to focus on playing football at the next level overruled Regent Prep’s Jack Wright’s childhood dreams of playing college basketball, he’s confident it was the correct choice.

August 2019

Brewing up a Good Time

Now that they’ve established themselves as a delicious, desirable Tulsa beer and a fun taproom destination, Welltown Brewing is focused on creating a community vibe that people want to be a part of.

August 2019

Rock Solid

Though she’s done the majority of her climbing in gyms, Hannah Mosier has forged her passion on rock where the puzzle aspect of ascension has led to a peaceful and very grounding life and passion.

July 2019

Evolution of Play

A board-game café sounds like a niche business appealing mainly to millennials with a fondness for ironic nostalgia. But the crowd at Shuffles is more diverse than that.

July 2019

Cast Away

For those who enjoy fishing, and who like to view intense competition that showcases a broad range of exciting personalities, look no further than Major League Fishing.

May 2019

Grappling with the Past

It was a struggle to diffuse the bitterness, but 30-plus years later, Mike Sheets has mostly put the disappointment behind him, learning a painful life lesson in the process.

April 2019

In for the Win

The Drillers will likely have a lot of familiar, playoff-tested players back this season as the Scott Hennessey’s squad competes for its second consecutive Texas League championship.

April 2019

Legging It Out

Making the transition from the pitch to the gridiron, Holland Hall’s Alex Felkins not only got a leg up on college recruiting, but found his way into a 40-year decision ... not just a four-year one.

March 2019

Cleared for Landing

Eve Doudican has competed and excelled on the international stage as a junior elite tumbler, and now that she’s old enough, is flipping at the chance to represent the U.S. at the world championships.

March 2019

Touch of Madness

Watching sports at home can be fun, but for a real March Madness experience, you have to get out of the house. We’ve found some ideas to experience the games, betting, partying and bracket busting.

February 2019

Oh, Wheelie

From customized cars, hot rods, classics and even motorcycles, to celebrity appearances, mini bike drag races and live bands, the Darryl Starbird’s National Rod and Custom Car Show will be a fun time.

February 2019

Power Trips

More and more people are getting in tune with the many different health benefits that lifting weights has to offer — and getting strong is only one of them.

February 2019

Having a Ball

A charismatic winner and person on and off the dirt (and court), two-sport star Rylie Boone is taking her Native talents to OU as a member of Patty Gasso’s highly successful softball program.

January 2019

Weight for It

Before signing up for a gym membership, consider the following tips.

January 2019

Wrestling with History

The son of legendary coach Ernie Jones, Shawn Jones continues to carve out his own success with multiple grappling championships at Broken Arrow.

December 2018

Picking a Fight

Studying martial arts can be extremely rewarding for your fitness and overall well-being. But picking the right system is crucial if you’re going to enjoy yourself and, ultimately, stick with it.

November 2018

Football Frenzy

Watching or tossing the pigskin with friends and family has been as much of a Thanksgiving tradition as pumpkin pie and stuffing since the 19th century.

October 2018

Horsey Heaven

Thousands of horses and riders from around North America will showcase skill and beauty at the U.S. National Arabian and Half-Arabian Championship Horse Show.

October 2018

Goal Oriented

This season, with the aid of some new faces, the Tulsa Oilers have their pucks set on making it back to the postseason for the first time in four years.

September 2018

Flock Party

You are hereby invited to be spectacularly amazed and delightfully entertained during the 11 days of “go time” showcasing agriculture, entertainment and plenty of food during the Tulsa State Fair.

September 2018

Ride About Now

Becoming a bike commuter might seem daunting, but the benefits can be worth it: exercising regularly, saving money, and absolving yourself of guilt over that office doughnut.

August 2018

Keeping it Wheel

Just outside Tulsa, Jandebeurs Motor Sports Park touts a 170-acre outdoor park for families to come enjoy motorcycles safely on seven dirt bike tracks and two trail loops catering to all skill levels.

July 2018

Full Circle

From its silent era success in the ‘20s, to being shuttered before being reopened in 2004, the Circle Cinema is back to promoting community consciousness with a modern art-house look and feel.

June 2018

Home Field Advantage

Sure, a burger and a brew are quintessential baseball snacks, but fans don’t have to settle for the basics at ONEOK Field, where the game is only part of the experience.

June 2018

Good Fortune

Drawing from a large local pool of talent, Fortuna Tulsa has assembled the area’s first elite-level women’s soccer team with a mix of current and post-college amateur athletes.

May 2018

Breaking the “Law”

In baseball there is an entire subculture of unwritten rules that have been passed down through generations of players, and range from the obvious to the respectful in nature.

April 2018

Covering Their Bases

The Drillers came close to winning a Texas League Championship last year but fell just short. This year, the squad hopes to build on that experience and take the final step to championship glory.

March 2018

Prime Puck Time

Playing hockey in your 50s doesn't come without bumps and bruises. But for guys like Tom Aurilio, it's a risk worth taking for the on-ice play, locker room chatter, and postgame bravado and beers.

March 2018

Bracket Smack

Whether it's a bracket pool for your office, family pool for fun or bragging rights among your buddies, here are tips that will give you a better shot at victory.

February 2018

Driving Growth

Darryl Starbird may not be producing his legendary hot rod and custom car show any more, but his legacy is in the very good hands of relatives who are not afraid to change things up and keep it fresh.

February 2018

Take Me to the River

While winter trout typically aren't as jumpy as they are in the summer, it’s a great time of year to work on your technique for hitting the water in warmer months with more confidence.

January 2018

In the Eye of the Beer-holder

While you shouldn’t judge a beer only by its label (it does need to taste good too, right?), most brewmasters will tell you a creative design will help their brew stand out on a crowded shelf.

January 2018

Modern Medicine

Charging a monthly membership fee has not only allowed Grassroots Healthcare the ability to offer patients an affordable non-insurance model, but has also helped elevate Dr. Melita Tate’s passion.

December 2017

Torque of the Town

The largest event for micro sprint racing in the country, the Tulsa Shootout is a grand celebration of dirt track auto racing that draws over 1,000 entries from nearly 35 states and three countries.

December 2017

Making Spirits Bright

Wrapping your fingers around one of these holiday cocktails will remind you why cold weather and the stressful holidays can be wonderful.

November 2017

Choreographed Conversion

Keeping ice indoors is no easy task, especially when a venue like the BOK Center is constantly transitioning from events like hockey and basketball to concerts and monster trucks.

November 2017

Shoes Wisely

With varieties ranging from trail and road to minimalist and maximalist, it’s no surprise many runners get stuck with a shoe that’s not for them.

October 2017

Icy Hot

A new coach (Rob Murray), affiliation (St. Louis Blues) and an emphasis on a fast and skilled squad that can play an exciting, up-tempo style offer fresh optimism for the Oilers.