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Jennifer Zehnder

May 2019

Picker’s Paradise

Whether you're looking to recapture memories, indulge in a yesteryear want, or shop for sustainable, handmade goods and furniture, Green Country inspires with a plethora of opportunities.

March 2019

Lust for Knife

Ray Kirk and Scott Reed are both artists and craftsmen producing custom knives as stunningly beautiful as they are razor sharp.

March 2019

Helping to Heal

When a family unit gets disrupted, Cookson Hills is ready to serve children struggling with the challenges of growing up and provide support to fix the brokenness this world sometimes causes.

January 2019

The 4-H Factor

From in-school enrichment and out-of-school activities, clubs to camps, 4-H programs are inspiring children to have fun, learn, grow, and do more.

December 2018

Wrappers’ Delight

The original economic stimulus plan, shopping local with 918 makers promises the best gift of all — the opportunity to make a difference in our communities and the lives of our neighbors.

November 2018

Scents of Pride

From yesteryear pioneer chore to modern day artisanal adventure, soapmaking is inspiring handmade movement enthusiasts and soaping entrepreneurs — one batch at a time.

October 2018

The Ride Stuff

The custom saddlemaking has mostly gone the way of gunfights at high noon. But a small cadre of saddlers still ply their trade despite dwindling demand and competition from mass-produced saddles.

September 2018

Wanna Bee Startin’ Somethin’

Green Country is abuzz with bees. With a demand for local honey, getting hive-minded has local families finding new revenue streams and welcome distractions to already busy lives.

July 2018

The Way of the West

Think you’re too “city” to follow the action at one of the rodeo events coming your way this summer? Brush up with our abridged guide to all the events.