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Hannah Gray Gordon

June 2017

Sounds of Success

The OK Mozart Music Festival takes innovative steps to grow Oklahoma artists from grade school through college and beyond to become professional musicians.

June 2017

The Smell of Rebellion

Celebrating the power of storytelling, imagination, and taking hold of one’s destiny, Matilda: The Musical is overflowing with twisted humor and a giant heart.

May 2017

Hard to Be the Bard

Laced throughout with humor for Shakespeare aficionados and musical theater geeks, Something Rotten! reeks with originality and double-entendres while exploring the origins of “a musical.”

May 2017

Let’s Get Rocked

With headliners Def Leppard, Soundgarden and The Offspring, Rocklahoma again promises heavy doses of nostalgia-drenched rock, party atmosphere, and the perfect soundtrack for friendship rekindling.

April 2017

Beauty in Bloom

Drawing record crowds, the Azalea Festival not only highlights the beauty of nature in spring but also plays host to a parade, a variety of food vendors, carriage rides through the blooms and more.

March 2017

Center of Attention

The heritage of the Cherokee is crucial to the history of Oklahoma. And a visit to the Cherokee Heritage Center helps educate visitors to a harsh time period for the tribe and honor those who endured.

February 2017

Living Simple

Spurning many modern conveniences, the Chouteau Amish, with their strict beliefs, traditional dress and giving nature, are living and enjoying life side by side with modern Oklahomans.

January 2017

Land of the Lost

The 40,000 acres of protected land at the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve is a unique and awe-inspiring place featuring self-guided hiking trails, bison and an abundant and diverse variety of birds.

December 2016

Livin’ the Life

With talent and a saxophone, Grady Nichols has remained one of the most in-demand musicians in the area thanks to a smooth and soft feel that blends R&B with jazz to create a refreshing sound.