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Gina Conroy

April 2020

“Revolting” Children

A fierce and witty adaptation of the Roald Dahl children’s book, "Matilda the Musical" offers subplots, dialogue, and lyrics that are denser and more nuanced than most tales of good versus evil.

April 2020

Dream of Desire

With talent, hard work, and a heavy dose of family and faith, The Voice’s Gracee Shriver is staying true to herself as she pursues country music success.

March 2020

Southern Comfort

Combining country-style cooking with twists of modern flavors, the Rocking "R" Ranch House offers private country club appeal in an open-to-the-public paradise.

March 2020

Bringing the Noise

Wielding everyday objects like brooms and garbage cans to create a wordless percussive explosion onstage, "Stomp" continues to prove that one man’s trash really can be another man’s treasure.

March 2020

A Matter of Crime

A mash-up of Broadway with a "West Side Story" flair and a dab of "Moulin Rouge," the Mafia-themed "Vendetta" is different in many ways from other Tulsa ballet productions — but that’s the point.

March 2020

Sound Judgment

Moving outside of the “millennial comfort zone” led Matthew Adams into building his DJ business around social dancing, and finding a niche few DJs explore.

February 2020

Dipping into the Mediterranean

Cozy vibes, faultless service, family recipes, and terrific food seal the deal at the intimate, yet inviting, Famous Steakhouse inspired by the fragrant spices and smoky grills of Lebanese cooking.

February 2020

Ballet Bonanza

Featuring special effects usually reserved for Broadway productions, journey with Dorothy, Glinda, and Scarecrow as they make their return to save the land of Oz in "Dorothy and the Prince of Oz."

February 2020

Buried Secrets

Tossing guilt around like a hand grenade, Theatre Tulsa tackles the hard truth that with family, often the deepest wounds come from the people closest to us in Tracy Letts’ "August: Osage County."

February 2020

Fright Club

With taxidermy, preserved specimens, antiques, clothing, jewelry, skulls and bones, and funeral collectibles, the Oddities and Curiosities Expo is for like-minded lovers of the strange and unusual.

February 2020

Looking Sharp

Got Wood offers an ax-perience that is not only fun and challenging but is something everyone in the family can do.

January 2020

Color Me Curious

The Blue Man Group explores the absurdity of modern life via multimedia content, audience participation, homemade instruments, live painting, and a surprising amount of snack foods.

January 2020

Thrills and Chills

Embark on the rock opera journey of Axel, whose passion for live music and graphic arts comes to life in an exhilarating Cirque du Soleil ice adventure that reminds us that dreams are within reach.

January 2020

Getting into Treble

There’s trouble in River City when a fast-talking salesman gets his heart stolen by the town librarian. "The Music Man" will march into your heart with its funny, romantic, and family-friendly story.

January 2020

Fashion Cents

If your taste runs toward the high end, but your budget doesn’t, The Children's Orchard is a consignment mecca for those looking to buy clothes and kid-focused wares for a fraction of the retail cost.

December 2019

Eastern Influence

Based on the opera tale of a geisha left behind by her American lover, the Vietnam War-era story "Miss Saigon" is a larger-than-life theatrical experience complete with a full-scale helicopter.

December 2019

Survival Guide

Alan Maschhoff’s HYOH Adventures club presents an opportunity for people to experience the outdoors in a nonjudgmental environment, create beautiful memories, and find a new life path.

December 2019

Give It Your Wall

Ziegler’s devotion to customers shines through in a simple practice that’s kept them in business for half a century.

December 2019

Board Certified

Armed with a palette of chalk and a prodigious talent for drawing, Ana Vela has carved out a niche decorating chalkboards for restaurants and bars.

November 2019

Thanksgiving Made Easy

Preparation for Thanksgiving can be overwhelming. Beyond turkey, stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce, the primary ingredient required is organization. Once you figure it out, the hard part is over.

November 2019

The Way of the Whisker

This is the season of razors sitting idle on sinks and chins disappearing in silky and wiry, trimmed and untamed, curly and cascading decoration.

November 2019

Cultivating Confidence

After losing 80 pounds, Julie Brothers is doing things she never dreamed possible thanks to "wantpower." But her most significant accomplishment is inspiring others to live their dreams.

October 2019

The Mane Event

Close to 1,800 Arabian horses ride into Tulsa for the Arabian Horse Association’s largest and most prestigious event in the industry.

October 2019

Meow Wow

Based on one of Andrew Lloyd Webber's favorite childhood books, "Cats" proves to have as many lives as its costumed characters while providing plenty of memories.

October 2019

Frivolous and Frothy

Described as a Russian nesting doll of a show within a show, Theatre Tulsa’s "The Drowsy Chaperone" is a love letter to musical theater and people who love musicals.

September 2019

Revolutionary Retelling

Set in a grimly realist France, "Les Misérables" is based on Victor Hugo's 365-chapter novel that explores history, law, politics, religion, and ideas about justice, guilt, and redemption.

September 2019

Heartfelt Heroes

Through the power of Storybook Princesses, Courtney Paige Allen and Sarah Goran are entertaining and teaching children how to create their “happily ever afters.”

August 2019

The Rhythm of a Nation

A show about young rebels grabbing and shaping the future of an unformed country, "Hamilton" makes its resonant history by changing the language of musicals.

August 2019

Greek to Me

"Mamma Mia!" is like a Mediterranean vacation without airports or passports, built around the chart-topping hits of the 1970s Swedish pop group ABBA.

August 2019

Time Bandits

Most of us wish we had more hours in a day, but maybe finding more time is as simple as discovering where you are wasting time or not being as productive as you can.

August 2019

Absolutely Her-Larious

While comedy is primarily a male-dominated field, the margins are becoming narrow as more women find their funny inner voices.

June 2019

Traditional Inspiration

"Fiddler on the Roof" is rarely considered political or particularly serious, but the worldwide issue of migration and displacement is inescapable, even as the show raises a cup to love and life.

May 2019

Mythological Masterpiece

"The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical" condenses the book's fictional world and distills it into a live performance without detracting from any of its original meaning.

April 2019

Pie Hopes

"Waitress" serves up laughs and heartbreak as Jenna, a pie-maker extraordinaire, longs for a life away from her diner job, small town and loveless marriage.

April 2019

Talk Dirty to Me

However you source your meals, it’s likely food waste piles up along the way. Composting is a great solution for these scraps and spoils, and for home gardeners, the process creates a rich fertilizer.

February 2019

Upending a Whodunit

"The Play that Goes Wrong" starts going for laughs before the first line is even delivered in this spoof of the theatricalized murder mystery.

February 2019

Presence with a Past

While the charm, history, and location may entice people through the doors of The Campbell Hotel and Event Center, it’s the luxury accommodations and first-rate service that keep people coming back.

January 2019

Missionary Zeal

"The Book of Mormon" is a caricatured contrast between well-intentioned and gloriously naive first worlders confronting a cartoon of the Third World from the minds of "South Park" creators.

January 2019

Be Our Guest

Theatre Tulsa brings a sweeping musical score, epic battles, hilarious romps, romance, magic and finally, the power of love to transform with its rendition of "Beauty and the Beast."

December 2018

Grin and Beer It

Making its debut in 1953, the family-friendly, community theater presentation of "The Drunkard" hasn’t missed a performance in 65 years.

December 2018

Winner Wonderland

Whether you want to devote a few minutes or a full month to decorating your home for the Christmas season, options abound for making your home festive.

August 2018

Behind Clothed Doors

The Market Store by East + West’s main focus may be premium men’s casual wear, but owner Ben Kilgore is focused on selling more of the city he loves, including family-owned farms.

July 2018

Boozy Brilliance

Summertime delights to keep you hydrated, happy and get the party started at the speakeasy-style bar MixCo.

June 2018

Song and Step Romance

Whether you want to experience the enchantment of dance or just experience an imaginary trip to post-World War II Paris, "An American in Paris" underscores the correlation of success and sacrifice.

June 2018

Well Traveled

A seamless vacation is within your family’s grasp provided you pack like a pro. And with so many factors at play, it’s easy to overpack or underpack, especially if you’ve waited until the last minute.

June 2018

Mobile Miracles

What began in a low-income apartment complex as a medical outreach to serve an impoverished community has grown into Good Samaritan Health Services and its 13 mobile sites.

June 2018

Cush Side of Camping

Camping isn’t always ideal for everyone. But if you decide to “rough it” this summer, maybe try to make it more relaxing (i.e., more like home) by glamping.

May 2018

That’s the Spirit

With the aid of coconut water, Twisted Spiritz has developed a blend of taste and smoothness with II Vodka that people can enjoy without the typical burn that comes from drinking some vodka neat.

April 2018

The Hills are Still Alive

A pre-World War II tale full of love, hope, passion, worry, and fear of an uncertain future, "The Sound of Music" musical embraces the source material through modern eyes.

April 2018

It’s a Spring Thing

At Muskogee’s Azalea Festival, learn the fine art of flower power during this yearly extravaganza complete with food vendors, cultural performances and exotic demonstrations.

April 2018

Strolling in Style

First Friday Art Crawl is a year-round monthly event that features galleries, studios, museums, various shops, restaurants, and venues opening their doors to showcase local art and music.

April 2018

Coming to a Head

Though abstinence has always been the surest way to avoid a head-pounding hangover, it’s not always practical. Consider these tips, tall tales and worth-a-tries to make for a happier morning.

March 2018

Flights of Fancy

With some pixie dust and a lot of enchantment, playwright J.M. Barrie's "Finding Neverland" spectacularly shows that nothing is impossible when the wonder of childhood powers dreams of lost boys.

February 2018

Rules of Attraction

While love can be complicated at times, saying the actual words can make some uncomfortable. But there are other ways to show how much you care or love without muttering a word or buying a card.

February 2018

The SAD Truth

You may not be able to avoid seasonal depression, but you can warm up to the winter months by adding activities and habits for a positive outlook until spring.

January 2018

Easy Money

If you think earning extra money is a nice idea, but unrealistic, think again. Nowadays it’s easier than ever to put extra cash in your pocket.

December 2017

The Woman of Steel

Duty and love for country were among the reasons Marina Metevelis answered the call to work defending the United States as one of the iconic bandanna-clad Rosie the Riveters.

November 2017

Oh! Carole

The fascinating life of one of pop music’s greatest performers and songwriters takes center stage in the bio-musical Beautiful: The Carole King Musical that’s packed with deeply personal songs.

October 2017

Bavarian Bliss

Break out the lederhosen, dust off your beer stein and get ready for a chicken dance as the extravaganza that is Oktoberfest offers more than a few ways to have a barrel of fun and yell “prost.”

September 2017

Let’s Dance

From salsa and swing to tango and two-step, Tulsa is brimming with dancing opportunities that can help you stay flexible, reduce stress, lose weight, make friends and possibly find love.

September 2017

The Fairest of Them All

Green Country’s massive outdoor gathering, better known as the Tulsa State Fair, continues to be a hot ticket thanks to old traditions, new ideas and plenty of deep-fried somethings.

August 2017

On a Role

Acting can be a brutally difficult craft. Which is why Josh and Mindy Barker passed up on their own Hollywood dreams, opting instead to challenge, support, encourage and enlighten young Tulsa actors.

July 2017

Higher Learning

As your child heads to college for the first time, there are a few things that you need to plan for now if you haven’t already. But hurry — the six-week countdown has already begun.

July 2017

Affair of the Art

The Tulsa creative community is so robust, but many consumers are still content to hang mass-produced art on walls. But why? Here are suggestions to help you bring home locally created treasures.

June 2017

Bicycle Belle

Seeing useable wealth going into the waste stream while many people were stuck walking or trying to use the bus system, Ren Barger established Tulsa Hub to get people bicycling and moving.

May 2017

Bayou Bravado

In addition to “laissez les bon temps rouler” during the Crawfish Festival, Ed Richard continues to prove the big easy does it, serving crawfish tamales and po’boys to jambalaya and etouffee.

May 2017

Fantasy Land

While all that glitters may not be gold, a visit to Castleton Village during the Renaissance Festival is guaranteed to bring to life all the culture, food, and tomfoolery of 16th century England.