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Ashton Greer

April 2020

Rise and Shine

The best time to work out is always going to be whenever it works for you. But keep in mind that there are benefits to starting your day with a sweat session, rather than ending it with one.

March 2020

Mentally Fit

Just like your muscles need exercise, your brain needs mental workouts to stay in shape.

February 2020

Exercise Your Manners

From the crude to the cringe-worthy, these bad gym behaviors are serious pet peeves. Are you guilty of any?

January 2020

Battle of the Bulge

While "fat-burning food" sounds too good to be true, you can elevate your weight loss goals by incorporating more food that spikes metabolism, enhances digestion, and helps you feel full.

December 2019

Noel Nibbles

Combine the excitement of opening stockings on Christmas morning with the many health benefits certain nutritious and tasty snacks can provide.