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$91.80 Challenger

April 2020

Donelle Chapman

Stops: First Friday Art Crawl, ahha Tulsa, Glacier Bean to Bar, SMOKE. Woodfire Grill, Tulsa Performing Arts Center

March 2020

Dawna Wright

Stops: Flo's Burger Diner, Tulsa Air and Space Museum, Tulsa Zoo

February 2020

Holly Jeffrey

Stops: The Boxyard, Sweet Boutique, Riley's Wine and Spirits, Ziegler Art & Frame, Decopolis

January 2020

Christia Simmons

Stops: Mondo's Ristorante Italian, Dilly Diner, Sweet Boutique, Rosegold, Boomtown Tees

December 2019

Katie and Dustin Barton

Stops: Oktoberfest, Miss McGillicutty's, Mondo's Ristorante Italian, The Boxyard, American Hatfield

November 2019

Richard and Christine Shockey

Stops: Flo's Burger Diner, Villa Ravenna, Miami Nights Restaurant and Lounge, Yutaka, Maryn's Taphouse and Raw Bar

October 2019

Hillary Hamilton and Kevin Dean

Stops: Dilly Diner, Boomtown Tees, The Boxyard, Riley's Wine and Spirits, Decopolis

September 2019

Kristy and Jonathan Stolz

Stops: Juniper Restaurant, Boomtown Tees, The Boxyard, Sweet Boutique

August 2019

Sara Ashton

Stops: Dust Bowl Lanes, Boomtown Tees, Cinema 8, Centennial Park, Bricktown Brewery, Brownies, Guthrie Green

July 2019

Amy Immell

Stops: Fat Daddy's Pub and Grille, Children's Orchard, I-44 Antique Mall

June 2019

Lollie Moore

Stops: Flo's Burger Diner, Boomtown Tees, First Friday Art Crawl, El Guapo's

May 2019

Jennette and John Walker

Stops: Yokozuna, Got Wood, Rustic Gate Creamery

April 2019

Giovi Perez and Steve Cluck

Stops: The Tropical, Dave & Buster's, The Boxyard, Roof Sixty-Six Bar, ahha Tulsa, The Max Retropub, Ida Red Boutique

March 2019

Olivia and Justin Winter

Stops: The Boxyard, Sweet Boutique, Boomtown Tees, Dave & Buster's

February 2019

Jeff and Jessica Moore

Stops: PRHYME Downtown Steakhouse, Sisserou's, Ida Red

January 2019

Karla Martinez

Stops: Mondo's Ristorante Italian, The Boxyard, Okie Dokie, Boomtown Tees, Rose Rock Microcreamery

December 2018

Jaime Tillman

Stops: Brownies Hamburgers, Twisted Soul Sisters, Village Inn, Osage Casino

November 2018

Nancy Hernandez

Stops: Boomtown Tees, Jason's Deli, Ida Red

October 2018

Helen Montgomery

Stops: The Boxyard, Beau & Arrow, The Sweet Boutique, Ida Red, El Chico

September 2018

Shannon and Brent Iwanski

Stops: Cafe Ole, SMOKE. Woodfire Grill

August 2018

Lisa and Bob Reser

Stops: Albert G’s, Ida Red, Caz’s Chowhouse

July 2018

Dana and James Whittaker

Stops: LandShark Pool and Bar, Cafe Ole, Dwelling Places, Sabores

June 2018

Lindsey and Eric Ison

Stops: Sisserou's, The Boxyard, Nova Comics, Rose Rock Microcreamery, Savoy, Tandoori Guys

May 2018

Dila Djuraeva

Stops: ol'Vine, Cafe Ole, Mondo's, El Chico

April 2018

James and Vicki Hayward

Stops: Brownies, Boomtown Tees, Ida Red, Hey Mambo, Jason’s Deli, River Spirit Casino Resort

March 2018

James Bailey and Brittany Spurrier

Stops: Savoy, Ida Red, Maryn's Taphouse and Raw Bar

February 2018

Roxanne and Kevin Roark

Stops: Shiloh’s, Nouveau Atelier de Chocolat, Cinemark Broken Arrow, The Boxyard, STEMcell Science Shop

January 2018

Rachel Brazelton

Stops: Caz’s Chowhouse, Shiloh’s, All About Cha

December 2017

Annie Rau and Janet Wagner

Stops: Xtreme Racing, Savoy, Tulsa Stained Glass, Drysdales Western Wear, Tulsa Zoo, Freeway Cafe, Baskin-Robbins

November 2017

Kelly Silva and family

Stops: Hooters, Harden’s Hamburgers, Maryn’s Taphouse

October 2017

J.T., Lisa and MacKenzie Moore

Stops: Napa Flats, Baskin-Robbins, Freeway Cafe, Boomtown Tees, Jason’s Deli

September 2017

Karen Wright and her daughters

Stops: Dilly Diner, Guthrie Green, Eton Square, Ida Red, Flo’s Burger Diner

August 2017

Shelby and Ben Harris

Stops: Baskin-Robbins, Eton Square, Josh’s Sno Shack, Tulsa Drillers, Fat Daddy’s

July 2017

Susan Lemon

Stops: RibCrib, RoseRock Cafe, Jules Boutique, Soul City, Indigo Spa & Salon, Cafe Ole, MixCo

June 2017

Taylor and Miranda Hunter

Stops: Goodcents Deli, ONEOK Field, Baskin-Robbins, Oklahoma Aquarium

May 2017

Kyla Gallagher and Jasmin Hiner

Stops: Chimi’s, Inner Circle Vodka Bar, The Yeti, Lanna Thai

April 2017

Susan, Makayla and Hannah Wall

Stops: Fuji, Los Cabos, Brownie’s, Drysdales

March 2017

Alyssa and Rachael Hamm

Stops: New Atlas Grill, Jules Boutique, The Boxyard, Ida Red, Fuji, Hey Mambo

February 2017

Debbie Buchanan and Kenzi Whala

Stops: Dave & Buster’s, SMOKE. on Cherry Street, Mi Cocina, Boomtown Tees

January 2017

Mark and Elizabeth Wollmershauser

Stops: Deco Deli, Ida Red, SMOKE. on Cherry Street, Papa Ganouj, Polo Grill

December 2016

Luke and Olivia Fife

Stops: Tres Amigos, Lokal and Main, Miss McGillicutty’s, Claret Cafe, TWL Bistro