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Tulsa Zoo


6421 E. 36th St.

Live animal exhibits delight children and adults alike at the Tulsa Zoo. Giraffes, lions, reptiles — oh my! But that’s not all. You and your kiddos can also enjoy kid-friendly yoga sessions. Or sign your animal-loving children up for a variety of grade-specific summer camps in zookeeping, wildlife vlogging, math, animal facts, a sensory safari, and a lot more. Become a member and go on Member Mondays to enjoy the train, carousel, giraffe feedings, story time and more. Exhibits include The Children’s Zoo, home to small mammals including guinea hogs, miniature horses, river otters, wallabies and more; Chimpanzee Connection with indoor and outdoor viewing of these endangered animals; Life in the Cold featuring chinchillas, snowy owls, grizzly bear and arctic foxes; and The Rainforest with its Central and South American habitat, monkeys, anaconda, piranha and golden-headed lion tamarin.

July 2019

Children rush forward, straining to spin the giant globe in another direction. Playfully, they splash one another with water before hearing the train engine’s horn and running off toward the ONEOK safari train. The very next moment Tulsa Zoo’s chimpanzee troop starts to pant hoot — the distinctive call chimps make when excited — and the kids travel over to observe what the ruckus is all about.

This is how many zoo guests start their experience at the Tulsa Zoo, with various options vying for attention. Always, the animals become the center of any zoo trip and seem to capture the imagination of young and old alike. Upon entering the zoo and receiving a map with daily keeper chats insert, zoo guests plan out their visit around what’s happening at the Tulsa Zoo.

Step into the Lost Kingdom and experience a land lost to time. Giant Komodo dragons, endangered Malayan tigers and snow leopards roam among recreated ruins that nature has reclaimed. As the physical barriers separating animals from the visitor become transparent through large view windows, a sense of connection and shared experience emerges.

The south end of the zoo is home to the African Plains. Many unique and awe-inspiring animals are housed in this region, including giraffe, lions, African painted dogs, southern ground hornbills, springbok antelope, meerkats, white rhinos and more.

ONEOK Safari Train (Photo: Nick Walters)

The Children’s Zoo is home to small mammals, including guinea hogs, Jacob’s sheep, miniature horses, river otters, red kangaroos, wallabies and more. This area also features a petting zoo, where guests can get up-close with small farm animals.

The Conservation Center is home to various species, including primates, reptiles, birds and fish. Additionally, this building is home to the zoo’s Reptile Nursery, which features an incubator, where guests can watch as hatchlings emerge from their eggs.

Sea lion presentations occur daily (weather dependent) and provide zoo guests an opportunity to appreciate these resident marine mammals. Right next door to Helmerich Sea Lion Cove is Oklahoma’s only penguin exhibit; where the African penguin colony resides and keeper chats allow guests to observe one of the daily feedings and health checks.

The Robert J. LaFortune WildLIFE Trek Life in the Water features animals that have unique adaptations, which allow them to live in the water. Featured animals include American alligators, seahorses, anaconda, lionfish and more.

The Mary K. Chapman Rhino Reserve features white rhinos mingling among warthogs, cranes and antelope. Off in the distance guests can see the world’s tallest mammal with their distinctive spotted giraffe coats, stripping leaves off branches with their long tongues.

No zoo trip would be complete without venturing into the immersive tropical rainforest exhibit where macaws screech and two-toed sloths roam free. Colorful poison dart frogs peak out from the foliage and if you’re lucky the monkeys will be living up to their name.

The region’s leading wildlife education and conservation resource, the Tulsa Zoo is thankful to the generous donors for providing this opportunity to create a bigger, better zoo.

Tulsa Zoo
6421 E. 36th St. | Tulsa
Monday-Sunday: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.


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