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The Cake Lady


$ (Average entree under $10)
912 W. Main

The Cake Lady creates custom cakes — that taste as good as they look — from a boutique bakery in Collinsville, Oklahoma. Their cakes are made from the finest, natural ingredients and are only limited in design by your imagination. They offer an amazing selection of cakes, cupcakes, cookies and treats for weddings, birthdays, gradations and more. Enjoy big city cakes and treats with small town prices.

February 2017

Baking Sweet Memories

Not many things in life are as grand as a cupcake. With that upward swirl of sprinkled icing, these bright confections are like little joy bombs for the mouth. The Cake Lady, located on Main Street in Collinsville, knows the happy power that a good cupcake wields, and they bake some of the tastiest ones around.

The Cake Lady offers buttercream cupcakes
in the most enticing flavors, like strawberry milkshake and chocolate chip cookie
dough (with cookie dough on top and in the center). They also specialize in mini pies, 
mini cheesecakes, cake pops, cookies, candy covered pretzels, decorated sugar cookies, and more. The genius behind these dainty delights is Ashley Williamson, owner of The Cake Lady.

“Before opening an official brick-and-mortar for The Cake Lady, I baked out of my kitchen for five years,” says Williamson. “The opportunity to develop an actual shop really just fell into our laps, and we went for it.”

Williamson’s quaint, brick shop front is the most inviting place you’ve ever seen — that is, until you step inside and see the pastry case gleaming with a rainbow of treats. Children will beeline straight toward these sprinkling sweets, and adults will frankly have a hard time not doing the same.

With a lifetime of baking knowledge, Williamson has perfected the art of enticement and taste. “I grew up in the kitchen, always helping my mom with the baking. I realized I was interested in baking when my mom was feeling overwhelmed by having to supply desserts for a large event. 
She asked me to help her figure it out, and
so I did,” Williamson says while laughing. “I love baking because of the endless creativity options it provides. Every part of the process is so thought out — from the glaze, to the icing, to the toppings and garnishes.”

With a lifetime of baking knowledge, Williamson has perfected the art of enticement and taste. (Photo: Kelli Greer)

By visiting her shop, anyone can see that Williamson indeed puts a lot of time and effort into both presentation and taste. With a bursting flavor menu that rotates according to season, visitors will almost certainly find that they can’t order just one cupcake.

“In the summer we have lighter, more citrusy flavors like Key lime, lemon drop, and dreamsicle. When fall rolls around, we feature s’mores, pumpkin, and apple pie, and then during the holiday weeks it’s more about the peppermint, and the Andes mint explosion. In February, we will have chocolate-covered- strawberry cupcakes and hazelnut crunch,” Williamson says. “A lot of care goes into each flavor and design. I won’t put anything out there that I’m not willing to eat myself, so therefore everything is always fresh and never frozen.”

Custom cake orders are also a huge part of what Williamson does at The Cake Lady. From weddings, graduations, and showers 
to smash cakes for a little one’s first birthday party (which she absolutely adores doing), Williamson is able to perfectly complement any event with a beautiful cake centerpiece. She has even constructed a cake that featured a suspended dragon blowing down fire, with actual electric lighting woven in to make the flames look real.

From weddings, graduations, and showers 
to smash cakes for a little one’s first birthday party, Williamson is able to perfectly complement any event with a beautiful cake centerpiece. (Photo: Kelli Greer)

“I love that the custom cake aspect is ever changing within the industry. We do a ton of different designs. Some of my favorites have been a groom’s cake in the shape of a bass fish, and a multi-tiered Harry Potter cake featuring the Sorting Hat. I’m also a sucker for an elegant wedding cake with fresh orals. I love getting to work with a florist to combine cake and flowers,” says Williamson.

Williamson’s cake-designing prowess even landed her the opportunity to be featured on the Food Network’s popular television show, Cake Wars. “I have a really good friend, Beckie Osborn, who called me up and said she was selected to be on Cake Wars and wanted to know if I would be her assistant. I agreed, of course,” she says. “We made it to the second round, which was our goal. We didn’t win overall, but I couldn’t care less because it was so much fun.”

Even if you live in Tulsa, you must make a Saturday jaunt down to The Cake Lady in Collinsville to sample the goodies and see Williamson’s eye-catching designs. And once you’ve tasted the magic for yourself, you will always know where to order your custom cakes from in the future.

“I never make the same cake twice; they are always completely customized according 
to what each client wants. One of my very favorite aspects of baking is getting to be a part of a family’s special occasion in this way,” Williamson says.


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