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El Sombrero

Broken Arrow

$$ (Average entree $11-$15)
2001 W. Houston St.
Broken Arrow

It’s not everywhere that you can order shrimp nachos. But that’s just one of many tasty options you get at El Sombrero. Their menu includes a mix of Tex-Mex as well as more traditional Mexican dishes, such as menudo, a soup made with beef tripe, broth and red chili pepper, served with lime, chopped onions and chopped cilantro. Their lunch menu ranges from a mere $5.45 to $7.45. And their bar is fully stocked to top off your dinner right.

March 2016

Fresh Fiesta

Broken Arrow used to be considered a neighboring suburb to the metro area of Tulsa. But over the last few years it has rapidly come into its own as a city, with new choices for dining and entertainment popping up seemingly overnight. El Sombrero became a member of this ever-growing mini-metropolis five months ago, and has seen rapid growth every month since opening its doors.

Owners Pascual Perez and Nancy Garcia decided to open shop in Broken Arrow even though there are undoubtedly more than a few options in the area as far as Mexican food goes. But Garcia and Perez were not scared. “I was a little nervous, but I knew if we didn’t take this chance now, we never would,” Garcia says.

And that decision seems to be paying off quite well. El Sombrero has embraced the Broken Arrow community and vice versa. They have contributed to fundraisers for Broken Arrow schools and hope to continue to support those that support their business. The traditional Tex-Mex menu offers over 30 options. With a special menu for the children and even some burger options, those who don’t find Mexican food as delicious as others are sure to leave full and happy.

Both Perez and Garcia developed the menu. The two drew from both their in the restaurant industry, as well as personal and family recipes to round out the impressively sized menu. “All of the salsas actually came from my mother. She’s very good with those,” Garcia says.

One of the most impressive and popular items on the menu is the El Sombrero fajitas. This savory dish combines tender pieces of chicken, beef, shrimp, chorizo (Mexican sausage) and pork ribs. The meats are marinated and sautéed with onions, tomatoes and bell peppers and are presented on a sizzling skillet. Accompanied by lettuce, fresh guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, rice, beans and flour or corn tortillas, these scrumptious ingredients are just begging to be made into one of the most complex and tastiest tacos to ever grace your palate.

Another dish that is sure to impress is the burrito Baja California. A massive tortilla is generously filled with sautéed fajita steak, rice and beans, then topped with tomatillo sauce and slices of avocado. It is every bit, or bite, as delicious as it is pleasing to the eye.

The shrimp enchiladas are also a must try dish. Tender grilled shrimp are combined with tomatoes, onions and bell peppers, then rolled inside a tortilla and smothered with a creamy white queso sauce. These delicious enchiladas are paired with arroz blanco and a tropical pico de gallo.

Listed on the lunch menu, you can find the classic tamale plate. Tamales are traditional Mexican entrees made with masa, a very finely ground corn meal. Seasoned pork is covered by a layer of masa, wrapped in a cornhusk and then steamed. This tasty, tender entrée is then covered with El Sombrero’s specially seasoned ground beef and served with a side of rice, beans and mild sauce. If you do decide to head to El Sombrero for lunch, they have over a dozen other lunch specials to choose from, with none exceeding $8.

There is also a good selection of adult beverages to quench your thirst. You can pick a fruity frozen margarita with choices like mango and strawberry. To add a twist, or a swirl, you can always try the sangria swirl. The name of this drink is derived from its appearance, which is a margarita with a swirl of sangria throughout.

Or maybe your tastes are even more tropical and you like your drinks with rum in a hurricane glass, like a daiquiri. And if you can’t decide between a beer or a margarita, well then just have both. The Margarona is a behemoth beverage that boasts both a Coronita (tiny Corona) and a full size margarita. There are also three choices for beer on tap, as well as just about any Mexican beer.

There is also a traditional drink called the Michelada. It has a base of a Mexican beer with tomato juice, lime juice as well as other secret ingredients added. This makes for a refreshing twist on a favorite beverage.

And sweet treats at the end are a must, like the peanut butter cheesecake. Though it might not sound as authentically Mexican as the other dessert options, it is every bit as delicious. Served with a scoop of ice cream, this dish becomes the perfect amalgam of salty, sweet and creamy. Other choices include Xango (pronounced chongo) — a fried cheesecake chimichanga that is dusted with cinnamon sugar and paired with vanilla ice cream. Another cinnamon sugar covered classic that they serve are the sopapillas. These fried Mexican pastries are combined with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. Other classic choices include churros and flan.


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