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Best Salads

Best Salads

Whether you crave a classic Caesar, a not-so-classic Cobb, one with a Greek spin, or something with plenty of flair, we've found the 66 best leaf-packed beauties in the area that deserve your fork's attention.

Michele Chiappetta and Rob Harmon
March 28, 2020 3:18 AM

What fuels Green Country’s love affair with the salad? Yes, it can be a healthy option, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. When the salad is done right, it can be an entire, filling meal that tastes delicious and draws you back again and again for more.

What other food gives such pleasure to the eyes and the stomach? Lively colors, shades of red, green, yellow, and purple, explode on the plate. It’s like the eyes get a taste before the salad ever even comes in contact with your mouth.

Salads can be simple and no-nonsense — like romaine lettuce with Caesar dressing. They can be decadent treats — blending fresh strawberries, spinach, feta cheese, and candied walnuts. You can throw in just about everything with a chef’s style salad that mixes ham, cheese, and more to give you the pleasure of a sandwich without the dreaded carb-heavy bread you may be avoiding on your keto diet.

There are plenty of specialties for those with discerning foodie tastes. Rare ahi tuna laid artfully atop greens will have you drooling if you’ll give it a chance. That savory Caribbean style beet salad will make you fall in love with foods you only thought you didn’t like. And there’s always a good salad bar which, when done right, offers so many options that you can fill your stomach to overflowing without ever ordering anything else.

Tulsa and the surrounding areas know a thing or two about tasty salads. So many restaurants in Green Country don’t just throw salad on the menu; they celebrate it. Check out these excellent salad options among our outstanding restaurants.

Chimi's regulars already know what to expect from this legendary Mexican restaurant — quality food, excellent service, and a memory-making atmosphere. Their delicious salads, made fresh with the finest ingredients, please the palate.
Chimi's regulars already know what to expect from this legendary Mexican restaurant — quality food, excellent service, and a memory-making atmosphere. Their delicious salads, made fresh with the finest ingredients, please the palate.


Celebrity Restaurant
3109 S. Yale Ave. | Tulsa

Green Country is rich in restaurant tradition, and Celebrity Restaurant is right up there at the top. Without question, the restaurant’s meticulous approach to fine dining has set itself apart for over 50 years now. Of course, the salads they serve are of a caliber you would expect from one of Tulsa’s most loved establishments. After having one of Celebrity’s spectacular appetizers, a house, wedge, or table-side Caesar salad will only elevate the experience. Enjoy every exciting bite of its fresh mixed greens with aromatic onions and classic tomatoes, along with the housemade dressing.

1304 E. 15th St. | Tulsa
5320 S. Harvard Ave. | Tulsa
6709 E. 81st St. | Tulsa

Regulars already know what to expect from this legendary Mexican restaurant — quality food, excellent service, and a memory-making atmosphere. Their delicious salads, made fresh with the finest ingredients, please the palate. Try Chimi’s avocado salad, an enormous bowl filled with tasty mixed greens, red onions, bacon, and rich, sweet tomatoes, topped with an entire avocado perfectly sliced. Or, if you’re interested in a salad that is a whole surefire meal, enjoy the restaurant’s Southwest chicken salad. Caramelized walnuts, combined with diced grilled chicken and fresh tomatoes, tortilla strips, olives, and chives — it’s so tasty, you may never order anything else.

Famous Steakhouse
8922 S. Memorial Dr., Ste. C3 | Tulsa

If you’re looking to be treated like a celebrity, make this restaurant your next destination. Mouth-watering steak, chicken, lamb, and pasta are waiting for you. But their salads are just as famous and enchanting as the rest of the menu. Choose from among the fattoush, Greek, house, panache, or tabouli salads. Whichever you decide, expect fresh greens and tasty veggies. Add chicken, shrimp, or salmon to any of the already exceptional salads, and you’re guaranteed to be pleasantly surprised by the sensational taste. You’ll be asking for more before the rest of the fantastic meal arrives.

In the Raw
3321 S. Peoria Ave. | Tulsa
6151 S. Sheridan Road | Tulsa
216 S. Main St. | Broken Arrow

This brilliant restaurant is famously known for its fantastic sushi, but one of the most surprisingly good salads anywhere in Tulsa is found right here. Every scrumptious bite of the ITR salad is a festival of flavor inside your mouth. Perfectly roasted chicken, crispy noodles and wontons, fresh lettuce, scallions, toasted almonds, and a yummy ginger vinaigrette dressing all make for a special salad you will not soon forget. Order a full or half salad before enjoying some of the best sushi you’ll find anywhere in this part of the world.

Jason's Deli
1330 E. 15th St. | Tulsa
832 E. 61st St. | Tulsa

No matter which of the Jason’s Deli locations you visit, you are sure to indulge yourself with a salad experience unmatched anywhere else. Seriously, have you seen the salad bar? It’s fresh, delicious and so convenient. Practically an entire meal awaits you there. Fill up on hummus, boiled eggs, and other high-protein items, thrown into an already fantastic salad. Or order from the menu, because there are many gorgeous salads you can snag, like the taco salad or the yummy Caesar salad. The Mesa, with bits of roasted corn and freshly sliced avocado, is mouth-watering.

111 N. Main St. | Tulsa

Tulsa folks have enjoyed Mediterranean style food at Laffa Medi-Eastern Restaurant and Bar for a long time now. Enjoy either their inside dining lounge, which is upbeat and comfortable, yet super-stylish, or grab a seat outside on the patio after ordering from the walk-up window. It’s a Tulsa Arts District gem for those who want a healthy choice, and a chance to people watch. Laffa’s salads are full of top-shelf ingredients. Roasted Berber tomatoes, yummy feta cheese, marinated cauliflower, and so many other veggies are ready to be devoured. Explore the Israeli culinary culture through salads or other vegetarian dishes, all with rich flavor.

McAlister's Deli
4951 E. 21st St. | Tulsa
8102-B S. Lewis Ave. | Tulsa
8955 S. Memorial Dr., Ste. B | Tulsa
720 N. Aspen | Broken Arrow
8529 N. 129th E. Ave. | Owasso
2330 SE Washington Blvd. | Bartlesville

There are so many tasty items on this deli’s menu, it’s hard to know what to pick. Narrow down your choices to salad only, and you still have an abundance to choose from. Any option will be pleasing to the taste buds. Try the harvest chicken salad with fresh pulled chicken, cranberries, pecans, and garden salad veggies. You’ll undoubtedly be convinced it’s more a meal than an appetizer. Enjoy the Savannah chopped salad with dried cranberries, Gorgonzola, honey roasted almonds, tomatoes and cucumbers, perfectly combined with tender chicken bits, and you’ll be delighted.

McNellie's Pub
409 E. 1st St. | Tulsa
7031 S. Zurich Ave. | Tulsa

Maybe you don’t think of salads when you hear the name McNellie’s. Fair enough. This place is known for its amazing beer, spectacular atmosphere, and stellar service. But the food here is every bit as good as any four-star restaurant. The succulent salads at McNellie’s are no exception. Pick the jalapeno salad, which contains fresh spinach, delicious jalapeno cornbread, grape tomatoes, roasted walnuts, and diced pepper jack, drenched in an oregano vinaigrette. It is a uniquely flavorful experience for any salad lover. Order the kale and Brussel sprout salad with dried cherries, red onion, walnuts, cured egg, and their citrus cider vinaigrette. It won’t be one you’ll soon forget.

Mondo's Ristorante Italian
3410 S. Peoria Ave. | Tulsa

This family-owned favorite of Tulsans for generations has something for every Italian food lover. This includes salads, of course. Matching the restaurant’s atmosphere and service, these green, leafy menu items are refined and delicious. The grilled or blackened salmon salad is to die for. You’ll savor every bite of the perfectly cooked Alaskan salmon atop a bed of mixed greens, topped with juicy tomatoes, marinated artichoke hearts, fresh mozzarella, black olives, Tuscan peppers, red onions, and croutons. Come ready to eat, because we know you won’t be able to stop at the salad. It’s all too tasty.

Sisserou's Caribbean Restaurant
107 N. Boulder Ave. | Tulsa

Downtown’s Tulsa Arts District hosts an oasis of Caribbean flavor and fun called Sisserou’s. For many, it’s the kind of restaurant you put on the calendar because it’s too good to miss out on. Primarily influenced by tropical island cooking, with jerk seasoning, curry, coconut, and all sorts of seafood, any item you pick from the menu will explode in your mouth with colorful flavor the second it leaves the fork. The salads blend more traditional ingredients with a Caribbean twist to make them pop. The beet salad is a revelation, and the jerk chicken salad is sure to make your experience an enjoyable one.

SMOKE. Woodfire Grill
1542 E. 15th St. | Tulsa
201 S. Main, Ste. 100 | Owasso

SMOKE. Woodfire Grill is indeed a place to visit if you’re looking to treat yourself for dinner, with imaginative menu items interspersed with familiar classics. Both the Owasso and Cherry Street locations are hard to beat if you’re looking for a well-prepared, delicious salad. The grilled romaine is a regular’s favorite and never disappoints. Made with shaved manchego cheese and flavorful croutons on a bed of romaine greens, with one of the tastiest Caesar vinaigrettes you’ve ever enjoyed poured over it — it’s simply delightful.

The Tavern
201 N. Main St. | Tulsa

The dark wood paneling inside the chic, charming, cozy atmosphere of the Tavern makes any meal you decide on hit the spot. Indeed, anything on the drink and food menus will be a notch or two above any expectation a first-time visitor may have. With a kitchen that aims to please and is among one of the best in town, it is no surprise that the salads here are exceptional. Choose the kale salad. It is wonderfully delicious and the perfect healthy choice. Enjoy the appealing Cobb salad with housemade dill vinaigrette, egg, tomato, and feta cheese, and you may not want to order anything else here again.

Ti Amo Ristorante Italiano
6024 S. Sheridan Road, #A | Tulsa
219 S. Cheyenne Ave. | Tulsa

At both the downtown and south Tulsa locations, you can expect the same authentic Italian fare that honestly very few other restaurants in Green Country can offer. The salads Ti Amo places in front of you will undoubtedly be both pleasing to the eye, as well as the palate. The burrata beet salad is both exceptionally colorful and delicious. For a delightful salad combination, try the spinach salad with juicy strawberries and candied pecans. Add chicken, shrimp, salmon or ahi tuna for a lovely addition of protein.

Waterfront Grill
120 Aquarium Drive | Jenks

There isn’t anything that Waterfront attempts halfway. If you’ve forgone the salad option before on other visits, don’t miss it this time. Order the Newport Beach for a refreshing approach. The rotisserie chicken, mixed with Applewood bacon, eggs, almond, walnut, and dried cranberries, is sure to be an adventure you’ll enjoy, making most other salad experiences seem run-of-the-mill. The seared ahi tuna salad is a gorgeous blend of field greens, red onions, avocado, and fresh mango, and is likely to become your favorite choice in the future.

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