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Best Global Eats

Best Global Eats

Tulsa’s cuisine culture has diversified over the years with diners embracing restaurants and dishes representing international identities on a grander scale than ever before.

Michele Chiappetta and Rob Harmon
March 28, 2018 3:18 AM

There’s really no better reminder that we’re all primarily a bunch of immigrants than when you visit a restaurant that is out of this world. Or should we say, out of this country. Since the early 1900s, we’ve had bright-eyed dreamers arriving here from all over, introducing this part of the state to new eats and treats.

And our restaurants are still doing that. Green Country’s global eats are surprisingly diverse and delicious too. Every culture brings unique ingredients and traditions to the meals they serve and savor. And we enjoy the benefit of tasting, eating and loving every minute of it.

At a time when cultural diversity seems to divide many, there’s something that brings us all together: food. Our food scene is rich with flavors representing a variety of experiences and nationalities, allowing individuals with eclectic palates to sample their way around the world, one thrilling bite at a time.

Clearly, a whole country’s worth of cuisine can’t be boiled down to a single dish, any more than we can cover a world’s worth of food in the pages of one magazine.

So, how did we narrow our list? After all, so many cooking styles and practices have made their way to America from other nations that, we had to keep the list practical. We opted to leave out the usual suspects — the Americanized global eats you’re likely to find at Italian, Asian, and Mexican restaurants in the area.

Instead, we’re focusing on some of the less well-known cuisines, as well as some restaurants we know work hard to provide an authentic, less Americanized version of their cuisine. Honestly, there are so many terrific globally-inspired restaurants here, we hated leaving any of them out. But here are some of the most interesting and top-notch restaurants providing Tulsa with its own unique taste of the world.

At Kilkenny's Irish Pub, the rich, dark furnishings recreate the feel of a pub from across the pond, and the service is always cheerful.
At Kilkenny's Irish Pub, the rich, dark furnishings recreate the feel of a pub from across the pond, and the service is always cheerful.


Desi Wok
3966 S. Hudson Ave. | Tulsa
After the midtown tornado last year, we thought we’d never see this amazing restaurant again, but they’re back and they’re doing what they do best. One of Tulsa’s tastiest chicken tikka masala dishes just may be at Desi Wok. Fresh, flavorful Indian Asian cuisine is what you can expect. Their authentic Vindaloo (spice infused tomato and cashew sauce with potatoes) from the Indian region of Goa, assorted curry-spiced plates, and sweet and sour chicken dishes will make you wish you could visit again the next day.


Fassler Hall
304 S. Elgin Ave. | Tulsa
Fassler Hall is a Tulsa gem. Their food is fun and lively, and most importantly, German. Hailed by many as the best beirgarten in the state, Fassler Hall has loads of imported beer from Germany and all over. With an awesome variety of sausage and schnitzel dishes to choose from, it’ll be a long time before you ever order the same item twice. That’s unless you get addicted to a favorite. Also, we don’t know if it’s a German thing or not, but their duck fat fries appetizer is simply fabelhaft!


Helen of Troy
6670 S. Lewis Ave. | Tulsa
When you’re craving authentic Greek food, this place should be near the top of the list. Helen of Troy’s menu has some of the most genuine Middle Eastern food around. No Americanized versions here, just the real thing. Fans love the flavorful gyro meat, and regulars rave about the cabbage rolls. Among other traditional Greek offerings diners enjoy are tasty falafels, fresh hummus, tangy tabbouleh, baba ghanouj, stuffed grape leaves and more. To top it off, their friendly service will make you feel like you’re visiting someone’s Greek home.


3823 E. 51st St. | Tulsa
Jamil’s is famous. Celebrities from Muhammad Ali to Mickey Mantle have eaten here. Yes, many famous people through the years have enjoyed perfectly crafted steaks from this traditional Lebanese steakhouse, and there’s a clear reason why. For over 70 years, they’ve made Tulsa proud by serving terrific tabbouleh, heavenly hummus and baklava to die for. If you’ve never experienced this place, get there soon to enjoy great steaks and tradition-rich Lebanese food.


Jim's Coney Island
1923 S. Harvard Ave. | Tulsa
They say that not much has been added to Greek culture since they were conquered by the Romans in 146 B.C. Not true. Jim’s Coney Island has been making its own special contribution to Greek food in Tulsa since the 1950s, but never on Sunday. Fresh gyros sandwiches, tasty souvlaki plates and awesome Greek chicken dinners are special favorites through the years to many who have visited this family-friendly restaurant.


Kilkenny's Irish Pub
1413 E. 15th St. | Tulsa
Who doesn’t love fish and chips alongside a frothy beer? You get that at Kilkenny’s. The rich, dark furnishings recreate the feel of a pub from across the pond, and the service is always cheerful. You’ll enjoy authentic boxty — a traditional Irish dish featuring a grilled potato pancake stuffed with homemade fillings. They also serve bangers (Irish sausages) and mash, cottage pie, corned beef and cabbage. Wash your meal down with one of the many lagers, wines, whiskeys, or the many other drinks served up by their full bar.


La Roma Pizza and Mediterranean Cuisine
6027 S. Sheridan Road | Tulsa
The Lebanese family who owns La Roma has been serving delicious Mediterranean meals for close to 30 years. Their steady traffic of regulars is proof of how deliciously consistent and delightful the food is. Their menu is small, but it’s served to perfection. Among the Mediterranean options are an incredibly fresh tabbouleh, generously portioned cabbage rolls, savory gyros and more. Don’t overlook the pizza. With a crust that’s topped with exquisite sauce and toppings, La Roma’s pizza is among the best in Green Country.


Margaret's German Restaurant & Deli
5107 S. Sheridan Road | Tulsa
If you’re looking for some of the best in wurst, stop in at Margaret’s. This excellent, casual German restaurant has been a favorite among Tulsa area food lovers since 1989. They’re committed to giving customers homemade authentic meals. Enjoy everything from housemade potato pancakes, applesauce, and fresh Bavarian pretzels to all kinds of schnitzels, sausages, pork loin dishes and baked German bologna. Save room for the desserts, which include German chocolate cake, Black Forest cake, and of course, apple strudel. They don’t disappoint.


Pachac Peruvian Food
728 W. 23rd St. | Tulsa
Pachac Peruvian Food is an authentic Peruvian restaurant, and it’s right here in Tulsa. The chifa food they serve is a fusion of Chinese and Peruvian cuisines that countries throughout South and Central America have adopted as their own. And, man, is it good. Choose any of the chaufa-style fried rice plates or dishes with their cheesy, spicy huancaína sauce, and you will be thanking us.


Papa Ganouj
1328 E. 6th St. | Tulsa
Papa Ganouj is serious, classic Lebanese food, but it’s really a wonderful fusion of many modern Mediterranean cuisines as well. Any item on the menu is packed full of flavor. Each plate not only starts with amazing aromas but is also pleasing to the eyes, and most importantly, extremely satisfying to the stomach. Yummy hummus, delicious chicken tawook and absolutely fabulous falafel are just a few of the mouthwatering dishes.


8104 S. Sheridan Road | Tulsa
In Green Country, for classic, family-style Viennese/German food, there are few better places to get it than Siegi’s. From bratwurst to knackwurst to expertly smoked kolbasse, this place rocks all things sausage. And if you’ve never had any of their wurst, you simply have no idea what you’re missing. Order the Austrian potato salad or pommes frites on the side, and you’ll be singing “ Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit” to everyone you meet for the rest of the night.


Sisserou's Caribbean Restaurant
107 N. Boulder Ave. | Tulsa
For a festive food trip to the Caribbean, visit Sisserou’s. Inspired by the colorful dishes of Dominica, Sisserou’s offers flavorful cuisine delivered to culinary perfection. Coconut shrimp, jerk chicken wings, plantain poppers, callaloo (a traditional Caribbean soup), roti wraps and Caribbean curry chicken are all deserving of repeat visits. If you crave cruise-worthy drink specials, Sisserou’s serves up a variety of mojitos, martinis and frozen rum drinks. The house favorite, Molten Lava Eruption, is made with various rums, pineapple and orange juices, and other ingredients, delivered to you smoking (from dry ice), and sizable enough to share.


Tandoori Guys
2039 W. Houston St. | Broken Arrow
As the first Indian restaurant to open in a growing Broken Arrow, Tandoori Guys has had a lot to prove. But they’ve done it, making this charming Indian buffet look like a reliable foodie’s delight. Using recipes from his grandmother in India, chef Raja never disappoints. The buffet changes daily, providing many different dishes from street food to vegetarian to seafood, and more. Whether you’re having tandoori chicken, potato coconut curry, samosas, panipuri or any of the other delectable choices, you’ll leave with a happy, full tummy.


White Lion Pub
6927 S. Canton Ave. | Tulsa
As one of the few genuine English pubs in town, the White Lion understandably draws those who love international cuisine. Much of the signage and decor are originally from jolly old England, which is why it feels like you’re not in Tulsa as soon as you walk through the door. The place is cozy and family run, with the owner and chef busy in the kitchen cooking up fresh meals until they run out. Make reservations ahead of time, and don’t let a wait bother you because it’s totally worth your time. The fish and chips, bangers and mash, steak and mushroom pie, Cornish pasty, Welsh rarebit, and beef Wellington are all delicious.



Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill
4709 E. 51st St. | Tulsa

Char Char
6560 E. 91st St. | Tulsa

Cumin Flavor of India
8242 E. 71st St. | Tulsa

Dena’s Lebanese & Ethnic Cuisine
2615 E. 11th St. | Tulsa

Eritrean and Ethiopian Café
6934 S. Lewis Ave. | Tulsa

Gyros By Ali
8232 S. Lewis Ave. | Tulsa

Himalayas Aroma of India Restaurant
4844 S. Memorial Drive | Tulsa

India Palace
6963 S. Lewis Ave. | Tulsa

James E. McNellie’s
409 E. 1st St. | Tulsa
7031 S. Zurich Ave. | Tulsa

Laffa Medi-Eastern Restaurant and Bar
111 N. Main St. | Tulsa

Leena’s Mediterranean Grill
6746 S. Memorial Dr. | Tulsa

Manos Peruanas
6703 E. 81st St. | Tulsa

Pita Place
8315 E. 111th St. | Bixby

Shawkat’s Mediterranean Restaurant
4123 S. Sheridan Road | Tulsa

Shish Kabobs
11605 E. 31st St. | Tulsa

414 S. Main St. | Tulsa

Taziki’s Mediterranean Café
1551 E. 15th St. | Tulsa
4929 E. 71st St. | Tulsa

Texas de Brazil
7021 S. Memorial Dr. | Tulsa

Zoës Kitchen
3629 S. Peoria Ave. | Tulsa
6044 S. Yale Ave. | Tulsa
10005 S. Memorial Dr. | Tulsa
7427 S. Olympia Ave. | Tulsa

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