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Best Diners

Best Diners

Settle into a booth at one of our 28 favorite Fonz-approved places that pour unlimited cups of coffee, serve sumptuous comfort-food staples, dish out a relaxing vibe and provide a square meal for a fair dollar.

Michele Chiappetta
February 15, 2017 8:38 AM

What’s so special about diners? Oh, let us regale you with a tale full of drama, character and delectable dishes. The diner is a form of eatery with a rich history tied uniquely to American history. This is especially true of Green Country, where Route 66 diners galore meet generations of family recipes and a hard work ethic to yield up dazzlingly delicious comfort food.

Many diners hail back to the 1920s, 30s and 40s; they were often built in factories and then shipped by train or truck to the land they would call home. As a result, diners were usually narrow and small, with booths and a line of seats at a counter where customers could order simple “fast” food like hamburgers and sandwiches.

Today, diners continue to evolve. Locations along Route 66 may be designated as historic landmarks or decorated in old-fashioned style. Some diners now have expanded seating. Others incorporate local ingredients while still staying true to their comfort food roots. Many are still owned by the families that founded them decades earlier.

Green Country’s diners offer great meals for adults and children, creative decorations, historic memories and more. Check them out, and when you go, tell them Preview sent you their way.

Many diners in Green Country are still owned by the families that founded them decades ago.


2130 S. Harvard Ave. | Tulsa
6577 E. 71st St. | Tulsa
Generations of burger lovers have frequented Brownie’s — since the 1950s, in fact. Enjoy chilled homemade root beer, cheeseburgers grilled the way you like, and an enormous mound of onion rings that fills your plate. These are just some of the favorite menu items here. Homemade pies and desserts are always a special after-dinner treat, even when you’re already completely full. Great prices and great service can always be expected.


Clanton’s Café
319 E. Illinois Ave. | Vinita
With a glowing neon sign that reads “EAT,” Clanton’s Café is the longest family-owned restaurant on Route 66, operated by generations of Clantons since it first opened in 1930. The diner was featured on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, so you definitely want to visit and say you’ve been there. Ask the friendly waitstaff to clue you in on their favorite dishes. Clanton’s serves tasty comfort food like steak and eggs, homemade biscuits and gravy, catfish filet sandwiches, fresh dinner rolls, fried chicken and much more.


Dilly Diner
402 E. 2nd St. | Tulsa
One of downtown Tulsa’s favorite spots, Dilly Diner is open until 1 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, making it perfect for a late meal after a night of barhopping or concert going. They serve some of the best chicken and waffles in town, as well as the customer favorite Jed roll, a cinnamon roll on steroids. They also feature ingredients from Wholee Granolee, Greenwood Farms, Lomah Dairy and Tulsa Farmer’s Market for all you local foodies.


Flo’s Burger Diner
19322 E. Admiral Place | Catoosa
This cute little strip mall spot is exactly what it sounds like — a diner-style burger joint serving up great lunches Monday through Friday in Catoosa. Don’t be surprised if you have to wait for your order; Flo’s makes everything fresh, from the homemade buns to hand-cut fries. Regulars love the friendly service and rave about the wide variety of burgers, like the bacon cheddar barbecue and the jalapeno bomb, sided with shoestring onion rings or fried pickles.


Freeway Café
1547 E. 3rd St. | Tulsa
465 S. Sheridan Road | Tulsa
5849 49th W. Ave. | Tulsa
Since 1991, home-style cooking at its best has been found at Tulsa’s Freeway Café. Grab a barstool, a booth or a table, and ask for one of their famous steak and egg breakfasts. Order the Oklahoma omelet, and you’ll enjoy so much shredded ham and beef, bacon and sausage, along with onions, green peppers and cheddar cheese, you’ll wish you’d tried it sooner. A perfect diner atmosphere at all its locations, Freeway Café will become a favorite.


Jesse’s Restaurant
1134 S. Memorial Dr. | Tulsa
Jesse’s is tucked at the corner of a little strip mall at 11th and Memorial, and it’s casually unassuming in the best way. The small interior can get busy, especially Saturday mornings when everyone loves to eat breakfast out. Jesse’s offers the standard diner menu, like eggs and bacon, burgers and fries, at great prices. Where they really shine is their service – the staff is both friendly and experienced, and many have worked there for years so they really know the menu and the regular customers.


Mom’s Family Diner
1530 N. Elm Place | Broken Arrow
4101 S. Mingo Road | Tulsa
So good. Those are two perfect words to describe Mom’s, which as you might guess, serves up a meal your mom would be proud of. It’s always busy, especially on the weekends during the breakfast hours when you’ll enjoy the excellent eggs over easy with biscuits and peppery white gravy, with a side of ham or crispy bacon. They also serve a popular liver and onion, and chicken-fried steak that regulars love for lunch.


New Atlas Grill
415 S. Boston Ave. | Tulsa
New Atlas Grill is a perfect spot to enjoy breakfast and lunch in downtown Tulsa. Located inside the historic Atlas Life building, which was built in 1922 and is now on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, it’s got the charm of art deco and good food combined. Fresh, quality ingredients make any meal a special treat, including the ever-popular black bean veggie burger. You’ll also enjoy their original burger. For something different, try the Boulder sandwich, packed with portobello mushrooms, Boursin cheese, grilled peppers and onions.


Ollie's Station
4070 Southwest Blvd. | Tulsa
When you want to blend your diner experience with an atmosphere that makes you wish you were a kid again, cruise on over to Ollies Station. This train-themed diner is located on Tulsa’s west side at the historic Redfork Corner, where Route 66 intersected with the area’s railroad. Toy trains run along tracks set above the diners’ heads, and railway memorabilia hang inside and out. The menu is rich; we suggest the popular liver and onions, or the double-decker grilled cheese with string fries.


6033 S. Sheridan Road | Tulsa
Savoy is well-known for its excellent home-cooked menu with old-fashioned diner service. When you’re here, be sure to enjoy their amazing coffee from Tulsa’s own DoubleShot Coffee, the killer cinnamon rolls the size of your face, and the delicious pancakes and waffles served with top-notch syrup and creamy dollops of butter. The roast beef lunch special is as good as your mom makes. Get there early because this little hot spot can get busy. It’s that good.


2604 N. Aspen Ave. | Broken Arrow
For five generations, Shiloh’s Restaurant has been a diner Tulsans count on for homemade goodness. All-day, every day — country breakfasts and belt-busting omelets never fail to leave patrons satisfied. The griddlecakes are certain to put customers in the best kind of sugar coma. For lunch or dinner, the mushroom and Swiss burger is as good as it gets. This family-friendly place has been a tradition for many B.A. residents and Green Country food lovers for years.


Western Country Diner
1905 S. Sheridan Road | Tulsa
Western Country Diner’s menu is classic diner food, from breakfast served all day to steak and seafood to sandwiches and hamburgers, served in generous portions. The diner’s dessert menu is spectacular. Enjoy one of their many homemade pies or a plate of baklava, which is some of the best in town. A closed-in section with a separate ventilation system serves the smoking crowd without any other patrons ever knowing. Say ‘adios partner’ to the life-size John Wayne statue as you saddle up to leave.



50’s Diner
1500 W. Kenosha St. | Broken Arrow

8218 S. Harvard Ave. | Tulsa

Boom-A-Rang Diner
Various locations throughout Green Country

Boulevard Diner
205 SE Washington Blvd. | Bartlesville

Burkes Kenosha Café
1402 W. Kenosha St. | Broken Arrow

Corner Café
1103 S. Peoria Ave. | Tulsa
731 N. Sheridan Road | Tulsa
5301 S. Peoria Ave. | Tulsa

3014 N. 74th E. Ave. | Tulsa

Hammett House
1616 W. Will Rogers Blvd. | Claremore

Jenks Restaurant
215 Main St. | Jenks

Phill’s Diner 
3310 E. 32nd St. | Tulsa

Port City Diner
34 S. 193rd E. Ave. | Tulsa

Silver Skillet
8228 E. 61st St., #114 | Tulsa

Spartan Family Diner
12908 S. Memorial Dr. | Bixby

Tally’s Good Food Café
1102 S. Yale Ave. | Tulsa
6100 S. Sheridan Road | Tulsa

Timmy’s Diner
10915 E. 31st St. | Tulsa