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Best Desserts

Best Desserts

Memorable meals just aren't complete without that little something extra to sweeten the deal. And Green Country does not disappoint when it comes to all things decadent, indulgent, and sinfully delicious.

Michele Chiappetta and Rob Harmon
February 28, 2020 3:18 AM

Let’s not pretend those resolutions are still in play. Who are we kidding? It’s March, for goodness’ sake. Be done with letting the health nuts guilt you out of your sweet tooth urges. No more angels on your shoulders telling you to eat in moderation every time your desire for the sweet stuff pops up. Enough is enough.

There’s nothing wrong with being a dessert connoisseur. Somebody’s got to do it. After all, isn’t it important to know what you love and go after it? It’s just as much about feeding the soul as it is the stomach.

Tulsa’s restaurants understand. If you’ve been struggling with cravings for chocolate, cake, pie, strawberry shortcake, and everything else, the good news is that eating establishments in these parts have got your back.

Besides, eating dessert doesn’t mean you completely abandon self-control. It just means you know what you want, and you know how to honor those desires. If it works for you, make a pact with yourself to eat the dessert, but then make up for it with a nice walk outside as things warm up this spring. Do yoga indoors. Choose only to eat desserts on Fridays. Do what works for you, and for dessert’s sake, don’t cheat yourself out of the sweets you love and cherish.

Here are some fantastic desserts waiting for you at some of your most willing accomplices, Green Country’s restaurants.

Dilly Diner (Photo: Sarah Eliza Roberts)


Albert G's Bar-B-Q
2748 S. Harvard Ave. | Tulsa      
421 E. 1st St. | Tulsa

Albert G’s does what they do well, and desserts are a bigger part of it than you might think. The banana pudding is just the way grandma made it. The Key lime pie will make you think you’re sitting on the back deck of the Key West Hemingway home, enjoying every bite in perfect weather. The chocolate bourbon pecan pie is one of the tastiest and most unique desserts you’ll ever have, and Albert G’s chocolate caramel lava cake, available only at the downtown location, is a sensational treat of epic proportions.

Andolini's Pizzeria
1552 E. 15th St. | Tulsa
500 Riverwalk Terrace, Ste. 100 | Jenks
222 S. Main St.  | Broken Arrow
12140 E. 96th St. | Owasso

Andolini's Sliced
114 S. Detroit Ave. | Tulsa

You can be sure that any of the desserts available at Andolini’s are handmade and as fresh as can be. Try the Oreo cheesecake brownie, because this decadent dish of pure pleasure will simply rock your world. Served with whipped cream, chocolate, cream cheese, and strawberries, this dish will win you over for life. But don’t overlook the restaurant’s Italian Buttercake. A cheesecake and pound cake combo, this tasty dessert deserves all the praise and adoration it has ever received. The gelato at select locations comes in so many fantastic flavors, you’ll have a hard time choosing.

El Chico
9825 E. 21st St. | Tulsa

Either go as basic as a sopapilla with honey or as complex as the triple chocolate brownie skillet sundae; whatever you choose at El Chico to satisfy the sweet tooth will be just right. If you try the fried ice cream, you’ll wonder why you’ve deprived yourself of its sugary goodness this whole time. Vanilla ice cream, inside a cinnamon sugar shell, with hot fudge dripping off the side, all topped with a cherry and whipped cream — it’s the stuff dreams are made of.

Famous Steakhouse
8922 S. Memorial Dr., Ste. C3 | Tulsa

Tulsans are familiar with Mediterranean steakhouses, which means they’re acquainted with the wonders of baklava. If you’ve been in Oklahoma long enough, you’ve had it the traditional way. Here’s the thing, though — Famous Steakhouse takes baklava to warp speed with their earth-shattering baklava sundae. We’re talking chewy baklava crumbles, baked just right, with the creamiest ice cream, rich chocolate syrup, and nuts. Also, the kitchen makes a mean chocolate mousse, and the cheesecake pairs well with the restaurant’s smooth, aromatic after-dinner coffee.

Habaneros Mexican Grill
4640 S. Elm Place | Broken Arrow

With an extensive menu of authentic Mexican beef, chicken, pork and shrimp dinners, quesadillas, soups, fajitas, and even vegetarian meals, it’s no surprise that the dessert menu is wide-ranging as well. Choose flan, the creamy Mexican custard you only get at authentic establishments. Try a bowl of nieve, the tasty, sugary Mexican sorbet. The sopapilla suave is another authentic dessert you can’t get just anywhere — a fluffy tortilla, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, drizzled with your choice of caramel or honey. Three leches cake, churros, fried nieve, and the cheesecake chimi are some of the other amazing options.

377 E. Main St. | Jenks

A breakfast and lunch restaurant rarely has this kind of dessert menu. Next door to Cookiedoodle, another food endeavor of owner Bernadette Feickert, Kitch is one of the smartest places to enjoy a top-notch dessert. Constantly arriving from the kitchen are appetizing fresh pies and lip-smacking cakes in so many delicious flavors. Huge portions are served warm and fresh. Try the Death by Chocolate, and you’ll be completely satisfied. Enjoy the apple maple cake, and every bite will impress the taste buds. Whatever you choose from the shop’s dessert menu will be a special treat since it’s all made fresh daily.

MAD Eats
201 S. Main St. | Owasso

Owasso’s modern American diner shines bright in the dessert department. Sure, shakes go along with any meal from beginning to end, but these MAD shakes are so good, you truly have to consider them as dessert options. The Willy Vanilly is deliciously creamy. The Sloth Strawberry and Truffle Shuffle Chocolate shakes are so yummy, they warrant a visit on their own. The scratch pies in classic flavors are fantastic, as well as the uniquely designed pies like the Fruity Pebbles Cheesecake and the Blueberry Buttermilk. Now, the boozy shakes—they genuinely take the cake. These bourbon, rum, and vodka infused shakes are simply unreal.

McNellie's Pub
409 E. 1st St. | Tulsa      
7031 S. Zurich Ave. | Tulsa

Start to finish, this restaurant understands just how important a dessert is. At McNellie’s, it’s the crowning finish on an already exceptional meal. The white chocolate brownie, for example, is simple but comes out looking like a work of art. The huge walnut-filled brownie comes fresh out of the oven, with an equal-sized scoop of top-choice Tillamook vanilla ice cream covered in sinfully sweet chocolate syrup, and it’s stunning to look at. It’s just as fulfilling to eat, trust us. It’s a killer dessert.

Prairie Brewpub
223 N. Main St. | Tulsa

Everything this place does is classy. The beer, in its many flavors and styles, is exceptional and a wonderful representative of Tulsa’s burgeoning craft brew community. The dining area is always uniquely and exquisitely decorated. The wait staff is quick to serve guests, making a visit well worth it every time. The desserts available are some of the most spot-on, appropriate, and tasty ones you’ll get anywhere. The pumpkin crème brulee is simply delectable. Try the cranberry bread pudding with vanilla ice cream, and you’ll thank us for the suggestion.

The Tavern
201 N. Main St. | Tulsa

The desserts at The Tavern are truly delicious. The simple, yet rich German chocolate and coconut cake, served with pecan ice cream, is so tasty, you’ll savor every last bite. The banana and toffee bread pudding isn’t found anywhere else we know of in the Tulsa area, and it is so scrumptious you’ll be tempted to order another one to go. Just to keep things interesting, no single style or flavor of pie is on the menu permanently. Choose whatever the chef has chosen as the pie of the day, and you can be sure it was baked with love and lots of sugary goodness.

Ti Amo Ristorante Italiano
6024 S. Sheridan Road | Tulsa
219 S. Cheyenne Ave. | Tulsa

Ti Amo is a favorite to many, for many different reasons. The atmosphere, the service, the wine, the entrees — everything at this fine-dining establishment is first-class. The dessert you choose at Ti Amo will simply be the continuation of an already exceptional experience. Whether you select the outstanding crème brulee cheesecake, the luscious mocha velvet cheesecake, or the phenomenal tiramisu, you will never be underwhelmed. If you love excellence the way we do, you’ll agree that having a dessert at Ti Amo is nothing less than exhilarating.  

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