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Best Chicken and Waffles

Best Chicken and Waffles

It’s a classic dilemma: savory or sweet? Fortunately, the inspired combination of fried chicken piled on top of waffles means there’s no need to choose.

Michele Chiappetta and Rob Harmon
December 28, 2019 3:18 AM

When you’re hungry and need a treat, how can you possibly beat hot, juicy, crispy fried chicken matched with warm, golden waffles, drizzled with sweet maple syrup? And even if you could, do you really want to?

There’s magic in the rich, fatty salt of fried chicken, tempered by the sugar of maple syrup and a crispy waffle. And there’s satisfaction in having breakfast and dinner at once — no matter the time of day. It’s a recipe that has stood the test of time, spread across the nation, and gotten only more appetizing.

Tulsa’s passionate love affair with chicken and waffles has been going on for decades, and it’s here to stay. So many Green Country restaurants shamelessly offer this decadent Southern comfort dish on their regular menu, it’s hard to imagine not eating it daily. Of course, there are also local eateries that cleverly reserve chicken and waffles for their brunch menu on the weekends, perhaps to tempt us to come back week after week to get our fix.

No matter how you look at it, though, restaurants in tune with Tulsa’s diners understand that most of us, when finding our beloved chicken and waffles on a menu, will order them time after time.

So, let us throw down a good- old-fashioned food challenge: How many different variations of chicken and waffles have you tried in our metropolis? We’re willing to bet you haven’t eaten them all. Sure, that may be good for your waistline. But what about your soul? You have to feed your soul.

To help you eat your way around the 918, here are some of our favorite restaurants that continue to carry the torch for this sweet and savory meal. Some take the classic approach, others skew creative, but all do justice to this satisfying comfort food.

Surely a rival to any version you might have enjoyed in a 1930s Harlem jazz club, Dilly Diner's sweet and savory dish will knock you off your keister.


Bread and Butter Kitchen + Bakery
3837 E. 51st St. | Tulsa

Serving both yummy comfort food and tasty, healthy options, this kitchen/bakery is surprisingly unique. From sweet to savory, these people know what they’re doing, putting it mildly. You will be amazed by the size of their brunch-time chicken and waffles. A mound of five plump and tender pieces of hand-battered fried chicken sits atop one of the sweetest and most flavorful waffles you’ll ever have. Savor the moment as you pour on the restaurant’s delicious maple syrup. You’ll nearly have an out of body brunch experience.

Caz's Chowhouse
18 E. M.B. Brady St. | Tulsa

If you’ve never been to this Tulsa Arts District haven of comfort food, do not hesitate to check it out soon. Whatever you order from the menu, expect to be made to feel at home. Jeff Castleberry and his Chowhouse crew make one of the tastiest chicken and waffle dishes you’ll ever have the pleasure to enjoy. A mouth-watering Belgian waffle with crispy chicken tenders on top, drizzled with syrup from Caz’s is hard to beat. With a side of the kitchen’s delicious black-eyed peas, this meal is sure to be etched into your food memory banks.

Dave & Buster's
6812 S. 105th E. Ave. | Tulsa

Whether you’re looking to find food, drinks, games, sports watching, parties, or a place to house an event, you’ll get all of these and more, done right at Dave and Buster’s. For example, have you ever had a chicken and waffle slider? No? Get ready. They’re fantastic, and it’s nearly impossible not to order a second batch. These crispy chicken tenders, lavishly covered with their smoky, sweet-heat sauce and smoked bacon, all stuffed into mini Belgian waffles for buns, are so, so tasty. Blame us if you have to, but they may just become your favorite sinful indulgence.

Dilly Diner
402 E. 2nd St. | Tulsa

Tulsa has some cool places to sit down and eat. Some are cooler than others. Some are the coolest. Dilly Diner fits into that last category without a doubt with killer food, exceptional waitstaff, and a great atmosphere. One of the dishes that regulars like to order every time they visit this outstanding diner is the chicken and waffle. Surely a rival to any version you might have enjoyed in a 1930s Harlem jazz club, this sweet and savory dish will knock you off your keister. Oh, and while you satisfy your sweet tooth, you might as well get a to-go order of the Jed, Dilly’s gigantic cinnamon roll.

Fassler Hall
304 S. Elgin Ave. | Tulsa

Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., a trip to downtown Tulsa’s Fassler Hall is one of the best moves you can make for your weekend brunch get-together. If you’ve been there before, you know what we’re talking about. The restaurant’s friendly staff knows how to keep that weekend vibe going with a smile and an order of no-nonsense chicken and waffles. Creamy butter and rich-flavored syrup cover a nice thin layer of pan-fried chicken laying perfectly on top of a spectacular golden waffle. Ask for their raspberry preserves to go along with your Belgian beauty, and you’ll understand the life-changing experience so many Tulsans before you have had.

MAD Eats
201 S. Main St. | Owasso

If you’re looking for the modern American diner experience north of Tulsa, Owasso’s MAD Eats is the place to go. Every day of the week, you can experience their all-day brunch. With love for comfort food, they’ve got plenty of options you’ll enjoy. But if you want a unique chicken and waffle experience, one you’ve never even thought of, MAD Eats has it. The chicken and waffle benedict is crazy good. Juicy and plump fried chicken breast and over-easy eggs sit atop a marvelous Belgian waffle. Lavishly poured on top of everything is a perfectly concocted maple hollandaise sauce that is seriously out of this world. With a side of yummy hash browns, it’s insane how tasty it is.

McNellie's Pub
409 E. 1st St. | Tulsa
7031 S. Zurich Ave. | Tulsa

If there’s any doubt that McNellie’s chicken and waffles would be as good as the rest of their sensational menu items, let’s dispel that notion. There’s nothing McNellie’s does that isn’t done with great attention to detail and a sincere sense of consistency, and that includes their brunch-time menu. Enjoy two perfectly fried chicken tenders, alongside a melt-in-your-mouth waffle, and two eggs, drizzled with their sweet, sweet syrup. It’s as classic as they come. You’ll find yourself having a hard time ordering anything else on your next visit.

New Era Fine Fermentations
321 S. Frankfort Ave., Ste. 2 | Tulsa

One of Tulsa’s hippest and newest microbreweries, New Era Fine Fermentations, is an award-winning brewpub, serving naturally gluten-free beer with a smile and a twinkle in their eye. With all sorts of events and happenings at this Blue Dome/East Village favorite, there’s never a dull moment. Don’t think that because of NEFF’s superb attention to craft beer that the food is an afterthought. Not so. The menu is full of weekday specials. Leading the way on their tasty brunch menu is, of course, their fantastic chicken and waffles. This lip-smacking, buttermilk-battered fried chicken, on top of a made-in-house waffle, is unquestionably worth the visit.

Nola's Creole and Cocktails
1334 E. 15th St. | Tulsa

A Prohibition-style, craft cocktail bar with a New Orleans feel to it, this restaurant is fabulous, or should we say, ‘fantastik’? Serving up extraordinary Creole food and an atmosphere like no other place in town, this Cherry Street hot spot is special. Try the Voodoo Chicken and Waffles off the brunch menu, and your taste buds will think Mardi Gras has started early. To begin with, the Belgian waffle is already yummy enough by itself. Then it’s topped with some of the juiciest Cajun-fried chicken breast you’ll ever have. Plus, they top the whole thing off with a shrimp and jumbo lump crab concoction doused in spicy Mornay sauce that you can’t help but spoon into your mouth uncontrollably.

Prospect Local Bar and Kitchen
Hotel Indigo | 121 S. Elgin Ave. | Tulsa

This American-themed restaurant inside one of Tulsa’s coolest hotels, Hotel Indigo Downtown Tulsa, goes above and beyond to make the guest experience one worth remembering. The food is consistently good, and the waitstaff is exceptionally friendly. Although a lot of visitors to the hotel will mention the rooftop view as a highlight of their stay, the restaurant is sure to be right up there with it. Ask for their chicken and waffle dish. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see it presented in sandwich form. You’ll enjoy a generous portion of delicious chicken breast, inside two waffles cut in half, with bacon on the outside, and either fresh fruit or home fries.

R Bar & Grill
3421 S. Peoria Ave. | Tulsa

With a brunch menu that can change from week to week, R Bar keeps things interesting for those Friday and Saturday night carousers looking to find something amazing to eat the next day. However, one of the staples of their weekend menu is chicken and waffles. Starting from top to bottom, sprinkled candied nuts swim in a warm bath of maple-vanilla syrup and blueberry reduction sauce, which perfectly covers sliced bacon and tender, juicy chicken breast, set on top of a fluffy Belgian waffle.

Shuffles: Board Game Cafe
207 E. Archer St., Unit E | Tulsa

Order chicken and waffles anytime from this Tulsa Arts District destination, and you will add deliciousness to an already fantastic date night or hang-out experience. Not too many places will serve you these amazing cheddar and sage waffles. Add to that crispy chicken tenders piled high, served with thick bacon and delicious maple mustard, and you’ll wonder why you’ve never tried it before. Shuffles has been rocking and rolling since it opened last year. Choose karaoke Thursday night, Tuesday trivia night, after a jaunt through First Friday Art Crawl, or any other time you want to play the latest board games. Every night here is game night — with a side of chicken and waffles.

SMOKE. Woodfire Grill
1542 E. 15th St. | Tulsa
201 S. Main St. | Owasso

After a special late night out on a Friday or Saturday, SMOKE. Woodfire Grill is a great place to reset the morning after. You can always depend on their excellent food, friendly and helpful staff, and a comfortable and stylish atmosphere. Brunch on Cherry Street or in Owasso is a weekend crowd favorite, and it’s hard to imagine brunching at SMOKE. without their mouth-watering chicken and waffles as a top option. You’re likely to enjoy the aroma of your meal just before you receive it, as you’ll experience with most meals at SMOKE. Enjoy their classic Belgian waffles with melt in your mouth chicken, along with a choice of either sweet maple syrup, sausage gravy, or both.  

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