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Best Bets

Food. Shopping. Nightlife. And More.

Perfect picks for that night out, dinner date, family fun or just whatever.

Enjoy Our Favorite Finds

We're all busy, right? So little time and so many options.

And it seems like every time we step outside there's a new restaurant to try, new business to visit or new boutique to browse. So we've opted to help get you to the right destination.

Let this be your guide to the best of everything in Green Country including selections for dining, entertainment, places to take a date, stuff to do with children and more. Every year, these lists help visitors and residents alike identify the many wonderful things to see, do, eat and drink in the 918.

Our lists give props to everything from established favorites and buzz-worthy newbies to where to find a solid cocktail and where to dress up your wardrobe. For foodies, we’ve found the delectable best in bites and beverages, from brunch spots and burgers to steak and sushi.

The top picks are based on reader feedback and a lot of time tasting, debating, browsing, discussing, sipping and sampling. We hope you agree.

August 2017

What’s for Breakfast?

Forget the cheap coffee and cold cereal. It’s time to check out our 21 sunrise suggestions to nurture your appetites before tackling the day.

July 2017

Scoop Dreams

With inventive selections, fruity flavors, and old-school favorites, we’ve journeyed outside the freezer and found the 918’s best gelatos, malts, shakes, cones, shaved ice, pints and sundaes. And our list is anything but vanilla.

June 2017

Off the Hook

From grilled nearly naked to fried in batter, we’ve found 18 special spots where you can bone up on your love for the catfish dinner.

May 2017

Hot Potatoes

In all their crunchy, salty, starchy greatness, our 20 favorite french fry offerings are served in a variety of presentations from curly, thin, thick and sweet to primed for dipping or dressed up with rosemary, sage and truffle oil.

April 2017

Chill Out

With things heating up outside, it’s time to start enjoying food and drinks on Green Country’s many patio spots. Enjoy this list of beautiful, hip and casual outside spots where you can people watch, catch a great view, visit with pals or spend time with that special someone.

March 2017

All-American Eats

Settle into a booth at one of our 28 favorite Fonz-approved places that pour unlimited cups of coffee, serve sumptuous comfort-food staples, dish out a relaxing vibe and provide a square meal for a fair dollar.

March 2017

Where to Wed

Choosing a wedding venue can be a daunting task. You want it to be perfect. But where do you start? How about with our 14 options for top-tier locations to celebrate your big day.

February 2017

Macaroni Masterpieces

Put down that Kraft box and check out the 918’s best spots for tantalizing (and powder-free) mac and cheese dishes, with nuances ranging from pork belly and bits of bacon to crunchy breadcrumb toppings and fitting as many gooey cheese as possible into a single batch.

February 2017

Thrill of the Chase

Collecting antiques and vintage items is a passion shared by many people, from the casual collector to the serious dealer. Despite the modern age of convenience, the enthusiasm with which people seek out these historic treasures remains undiminished.

January 2017

Roll Call

Whether you’re craving a melt-in-your-mouth morsel of traditionally prepared tuna sashimi or over-the-top fusion fun at a hip izakaya, you can find some of the most exciting (and delicious) sushi available without a passport right here in the 918.

December 2016

Dinner to Remember

Leave your jeans at home and splurge in style. Here are the 36 best places for when you want to dress up for a romantic dinner or drop a few extra dollars on a celebratory meal.

November 2016

The Bird is the Word

November may be about turkey, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy their uncomplicated fowl cousins that are ridiculously satisfying when done right. Here are the 27 most crispy, juicy, mouth-watering morsels in the city.